My new toy…

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Here’s the latest toy I got my hands on… Thanks to a good friend who got it for me at a great price! I took a video of me unboxing it… Will process the video, youtube it and then post it here… Hopefully some time next week.

My latest toy

My latest toy


‘Miss Congeniality’ Charged In Stanley Cup Riot | ThePostGame

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You want to laugh.. but you just can’t!!!

‘Miss Congeniality’ Charged In Stanley Cup Riot | ThePostGame.

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Bold9790 Unboxing – YouTube

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YES! Kevin @crackberry is back with yet another un-boxing of a blackberry!!! As you may all know i am a huge BB fan and i frequent quite often, daily in fact, multiple times a day…. so, here’s the scoop.. i have decided that in a tribute to Kevin, i will start video taping myself un-box items… Of course, i don’t get the shit load of BB products Kevin does so i’ll un-box whatever is boxed! lol.. However, it’s only fair that the first item i un-box is a BB product… That will be a Playbook which i should be getting some time next week! 🙂 YAY!!! stay tuned! In the meantime enjoy this video!

Bold9790Unboxing – YouTube.

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