Playbook 2.0 has arrived !

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YES! this day has finally come… the upgrade to playbook 2.0! RIM promised a february 21st delivery date andddddddd they delivered. the upgrade went without a hitch and took about 30 minutes. I am loving the changes so far… just love, love, love.I guess better late than never. As well, the first android based app I downloaded is wordpress and I am writing this post from my playbook! sweet :)!

wow wow wow!!!

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If this is a legit photo and not photoshop 😉 then I am really looking forward to the new BB10 superphones. It’s inevitable that the comparisons to androids and iphone has started but hell they all copy each other so, so what? Also, I am looking fwd to seeing what they come up with for the phone that will have the qwerty keyboard. I need me some keyboard… And I guess I will have to accept that these phones will be bigger. I kinda like the way the BBs are compact now; small sometimes is better ;)!

Is Lazaridis/Balsillie exit enough to save RIM? | Insight – Yahoo! Canada Finance

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Is Lazaridis/Balsillie exit enough to save RIM? | Insight – Yahoo! Canada Finance.

Here we go.. the announcement of the new CEO barely warm already has its critics.. Although i have to agree with some of this article… clearly as it was pointed out.. it is too soon to know how Heins will steer this ship. Yes, he’s an insider but what the hell, give this man a chance to do something first, no? Wasn’t Steve Job’s successor an insider? oye vey!!!!