@BlackBerry, a Patent Troll? That’s Laughable.

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BlackBerry decided to go after Facebook (WhatsApp, Instagram) this past week for patent infringement. Seven to be exact. Just as quickly as the news came out, came the articles and people accusing BlackBerry of being ‘patent trolls’.

A patent troll

Let’s face it folks, BlackBerry is far from being a troll. They own tons of patents and intellectual property that is still in use today.

I won’t lie. This comes as a surprise and I think it’s pretty ambitious. The once Goliath of the industry, now the David going after Facebook; one of today’s Goliaths. BlackBerry clearly feels they have something otherwise I doubt they’d attempt anything. I suspect this has been years in the making and I am sure they’re well prepared. I am no expert or lawyer but on the surface it seems this should go in BlackBerrys favor but you just never know. Time will tell. This could drag on forever.

I think the founder of WhatsApp is a good example of what a troll is.

Takes a dig at #apple:

But doesn’t look at his own backyard to make sure it’s tidy:

100% accurate. WhatsApp has been blatantly ripping off every feature BBM has put out.

All hail BlackBerry. Fingers crossed this will come out in their favor. BlackBerry has been on a good streak lately with lawsuits!


Fifty Shades Of Transparent

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One of the most over used and annoying word is ‘transparent’. It’s a word that is used in all walks of life but I got to hear this word over and over again during my many years in youth soccer from coaches all the way to the higher ups in the club. You know, the ones you look to for guidance. The ones that preach but don’t follow their own preaching much like tele-evangelists. And apparently I can’t escape it. Got the privilege of hearing a current coach use that word a couple weeks ago at a tournament I was at. I, of course, smiled and agreed with him but inside I was rolling my eyes.

I am always transparent when is comes to…’, ‘you have to be transparent,’try to be transparent ‘,’the most important thing is to be transparent‘ and on and on and on.

For the longest time I just thought that these people who use this word have zero clue what it even means. There are some youth coaches still today including the big cahuna at our club that should be the last people on this earth to use this word. Ever.

I was wrong to think that they have no clue what the word means. You know how image apps allow you to change the percentage of transparency on a photo? Well… this technique is used in real life as well. Whereas you should always be 100% transparent on any matter, instead all you need to do is tweak the percentage to address your immediate need. That’s all there’s to it. It’s almost too simple. In theory, this way, you are always in the right. And that’s how you get away with murder.

@Marvel Black Panther: The Cat’s Meow.

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As is normally the case with #Marvel movies I go watch the weekend it opens. Black Panther was no different. I will keep this post spoiler free which means though that it won’t be too long a post.

The hype leading up to opening day was unbelievable. I mean social media was on 🔥. My biggest worry was that the movie would not live up to the hype. In a way, for me, that was the case. Visually, this movie is stunning. The sights, scenery, colors are breathtaking. You actually get caught up in it. The storyline however is somewhat predictable. You basically have supporters to your cause, then you don’t, then you get support from an unexpected source in order to triumph. Nothing I haven’t seen before. It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the movie but there was a small letdown.

By no means am I trying to jump on a bandwagon for the sake of it but the female characters in this movie is pure gold. From the guards to T’challa’s sister Shuri who in my opinion stole the movie. Letitia Wright is fantastic. A pure natural at it. Every scene she was in she stole. My guess is her stock will rise!!!

Finally, for the love of Jesus and all that is good in the world. Stay put and leave only after the credits are done. Anyone that leaves prior should be banned from future Marvel movies. You are clearly not a true fan. Lol. As is the case with every Marvel movie, there are two post credit scenes (or at the very least one). The second one gives you a little insight as to what’s coming next.

There you have it. My spoiler free thoughts on Black Panther.



I Retired, Un-Retired for a New York Minute and Retired Again.

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A few months back I wrote about retiring from youth soccer after many, many years. During the off season I was approached to return for the 2018 season. After talking to my family I decided to go for one more season. Both my wife and daughter wanted me to. I gotta tell you it was very surprising that my wife was my biggest cheerleader since she’s been wanting me to get out for many years now. Anyway last November during a coach’s symposium I had a conversation with a coach who I consider a friend. We talked about a few things including my returning and he told me that I should return if I still have the passion for it. Otherwise I should never do it for someone else. Pretty simple, right? That really got me thinking about my last three years since I coached the U13s. I realized he was right. I returned not for me but for someone else. The fact is that since 2015 things haven’t really gone the way I thought they would go. That 2015 season was an eye opener and in the end thanks to this conversation I realize that I don’t have it in me any longer. So this past week I had a conversation with the technical director and current coach of the seniors team I was to return to and advised him that I want to stay retired. The conversation went well and he understood. Honestly, I feel so much weight lifted off my shoulders. So it was close. That expression ‘I tried to get out but they keep pulling me back in’ no longer applies to me! Phew. 😀

So i googled to find out how long a New York minute lasts… well, ok… my unretirement lasted longer but it adds to my post title, no? 😋.


Was Ultimate Warrior an Ultimate Douche?

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I hate to speak ill (or write) of the dead but recently I have been watching alot of videos of former wrestlers ‘shooting’ on the ultimate warrior. What these videos confirmed was what I started to realize years ago. Jim Hellwig, the man behind the ultimate warrior, was not a nice person. It’s disappointing. I grew up watching wwe and I will never forget the first time I heard his music and watched him run down to the ring. What a character and what a physique!!! Amazing. The Ultimate Warrior very quickly became my favorite wrestler of all time.. Even topping Hulk Hogan. It didn’t even matter to me that he had limited skill.. His persona was amazing. I even had a poster of ultimate warrior in my bedroom. He, however, did come second to Samantha Fox 😀!!!

The common theme amongst the wrestlers and inside people was that Jim had incredible intensity. Especially about his character. And only about his character. Otherwise, he was very standoffish, not approachable, a hot head. He never made time for his fans. His success quickly went to his head which made him difficult to work with. He couldn’t be trusted. Genuinely not a nice person. It was also very clear that he was not tolerant of all people. That’s a terrible thing.

I used to watch his YouTube videos and wow could this guy rant. Very dramatic. Seemed like he had issues with everyone in the business. Everyone was the shit hole. Never him. As always there are two side to every story so it’s difficult to know whose side is the truth. Having said that it’s hard to believe all these people got it wrong. It’s a shame.. I guess I will just have to remember the character and not the man behind it.

It’s crazy how his last in ring speech after his induction eerily predicted his death. So creepy indeed. Anyway seems that he was able to make amends with some people and I guess that’s a good thing but in the end I don’t think it really changes who he was inside.


The Start Of The New Year Brings Some Sadness

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The start of the new year is normally always exciting and a welcome. For one, and most importantly, my son was born on January 4th so we get to celebrate that. Secondly, the new year brings with it a fresh start. Unfortunately, this year it also brought some sadness. On Jan 3rd I was forced to make the difficult decision to put down our wonderful caramel.

Caramel was 13yrs old… I was completely gutted. I feel some guilt that maybe had I acted quicker things would have been different but the doctor says that would not have been the case. For about a week prior I noticed that caramel was drinking a ton of water and also urinating a ton as well. I didn’t make much of it because she was still eating. Over the last weekend of December though I noticed she wasn’t eating any more and for a couple days I tried in vain to force feed her watered down food through a syringe. When I didn’t see any improvement I took her to the vet only to hear the bad news. According to the doctor in all likelihood she had kidney failure and she didn’t even recommend trying anything as she was too far gone. Caramel’s temperature was very low which indicated she was close to the end. Running tests and giving her meds would only prolong the inevitable and the humane thing to do was to put her down It was devastating to hear. My daughter was with me balling and I had to avoid looking at her as I didn’t want to break down in front of the doctor. We were given some time with caramel and then she was taken away.

She is missed dearly. I can see that Clementine too misses caramel.


This Keaton Jones Story…

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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write on this but as RuPaul says on drag race, ‘please leave the stage as I deliberate.’ Well I deliberated and decided to give my 2 cents. It’s probably been said already but no matter.

When the posts of Keaton started to pop up I refused to watch the video. I saw this image of a boy who clearly was in distress. A boy who was clearly in pain so I knew that I would get emotional if I watched the video. I know that feeling of pain because I too in elementary school was bullied. My son unfortunately felt the pain too in elementary school and as a parent I know how the mom must feel as the pain, although different, is unbearable. Even after seeing all the support from Hollywood, the sports and music industry I stayed clear of the video. Not too long after, the stories about the mom and this family and their shadiness started to make noise. Story after story. There are even stories that Keaton isn’t that innocent either.

There are two things 2017 will be remembered for; fake news and the over use of the word ‘narrative’. Well… maybe three… hard to ignore Trump but you kinda feel that they’re all related. Am I right?

We live now in times where there is so much that is fake. We seem to thrive on it. From Facebook, to especially Instagram we promote and push a fake narrative. Most of what’s on Instagram is nothing but smoke and mirrors. I believe that Keaton got bullied but I also believe that his mom is a liar. She took it upon herself to make the news rounds with Keaton to explain herself. Her explanations are nothing short of bullshit. You have a husband who’s a white supremacist, you take photos with the confederate flag which was meant to be ‘funny’ somehow…and then you have this:


I think it’s pretty clear what y’all are about. There is no fake news here You are what you are.

It’s all about the narrative.