My ‘Joe Dirt’ review of #onlymurdersinthebuilding – season 2, episode 2

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Reading a lot of comments of how awkward the Selena Gomez girl on girl kiss with Cara Delevingne was…

I don’t know Selena personally.. I just know what I see on the socials, shows etc… she looks to be a wonderful person. SO BACK OFF!

The only murder in this episode was not to my eyes but this particular storyline. It doesn’t really make sense.. Too quick.. No true realistic build up. All it was, was a way to check off a checkbox for the sake of it. It adds zero to the storyline (least two episodes in). For shame.


My ‘Joe Dirt’ Review of The Interceptor on #Netflix

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Wow. I don’t know where to start.

It won’t be a long review.

2 weeks ago I attempted to watch it the first time and as soon as the lead actress opened her mouth.. I said ‘Hell no.’

Two weeks later and because it was somehow trending on #Netflix I thought maybe I was too harsh.. So attempt #2…

I lasted a good 30 minutes and then I just could not take any more. Horrible storyline, horrible acting… they are trying to check off all these boxes but in such a cringy way.. Ouch. Even Chris Hemsworth being in the movie didn’t help. I am sure his wife is a lovely woman but she is no actress.


I don’t Want To Be A Debbie Downer But…

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I have written about this former local radio personality before. Admittedly I still follow on Instagram. He also has a podcast but these days who doesn’t.

In one of his latest #instagram video posts he started it with ‘I don’t want to be a Debbie downer but…’ dude.. You’ve been a Debbie downer for over 3 years now.

Here’s the gist of his latest rant or comment or conspiracy or whatever and so on and so on…

I will be paraphrasing but keeping it accurate 😁

He hasn’t been feeling well for some time and finally landed an appt with some doctor for a check up. Out of the blue he gets a call from the doctors administrative assistant to tell him that because this doctor lives on his street it is a conflict of interest and so the doctor cannot see him but got him a referral.

So Debbie downer took it upon himself to tell his audience this story. He felt this was a bizarre reason and suspected that due to his controversial views over the last few years with all that has been happening in the world/province/country that this doctor refused to see him so came up with this nonsensical reason. And he comments something to the effect…’are you telling me that if I am walking on my street and I have a crisis and you happen to drive by you won’t stop and tend to me?’

A few days later he puts out another video to say that someone had forwarded the video to the doctor and she responded to him and that he’d talk about it on his podcast.

I don’t bother listening to his podcast but this I had to hear…essentially she wrote that she makes it a policy not to have family, friends and neighbors as patients and it has nothing to do with him. And she makes it a point to address his ridiculous comment without bringing it up that as a doctor she has an obligation to tend to someone in crisis.

Here’s the thing with Debbie downer.. He should have apologized right there and then in his podcast.. But he didn’t. He ‘accepted‘ her explanation because turns out he does in fact know the doctor and her husband. This couple were one of the first ones he met when he first moved to the neighborhood and although they don’t know each other well ‘they are good people’.

Accept her explanation? Really? How big is your ego? What you did was still leave a grain of doubt in the mind of those that are gullible enough to drink all your Kool-Aid

Instead of putting it out into the world he should have kept this quiet.. Reached out to the doctor again and get/demand a clear explanation… maybe the assistant could have elaborated more…You should read some of the comments in his initial post.. Oh and by the way he’s not a conspiracy theorist. Right. He put the doctor in a terrible light when this could have been all avoided.

He also makes it a point of saying this story is now done because he is the type of guy that moves forward…. Lolll…. Holy motherfucker…. Lol… dude still harbors incredible hatred on being let go of his morning gig some 4+ years ago. Look, I loved that morning show.. He and his co-host were fantastic.. Frankly, they were inexcusably and unceremoniously let go with apparently no reason. Haven’t listened to that station since. He shits on mainstream media these days.. I wonder how his mindset would be if he was still employed by said mainstream media. Would he have quit considering his stance on so many issues? We’ll never know.

He wants you to believe that he takes the high road on things but don’t kid yourself.. Any chance to mock or shade, he takes. And it goes down to name calling. Let’s just say he uses Instagram stories strategically that way.

I should end this post with the following…. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs… and so am I 😁

PS: if you are curious to know who this person is..there are some clues in this post. I can’t give it all away 😋

Entitled Entanglement

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I don’t watch award shows because time is precious and these shows are such a waste of time. At one point that night twitter was ablaze with ‘what the hell just happened at the Oscars? ‘…so of course I had to find out. Wow. Right? Anyway, everyone seems to have an opinion on that slap heard round the world. I might as well get in on it too!

Although poking fun at a person’s disability, at a person’s issues etc isn’t right I am team Chris all the way. The joke wasn’t all that bad but more importantly there is no place for violence. Is it possible that Chris Rock really didn’t know about Jada’s alopecia? It’s possible. I mean not every celebrity is in tune with the goings on of every other celebrity. I didn’t know and I am not a celebrity. And this woman and her red table spills so much TMI it’s ridiculous!
We can speculate all we want about what triggered Will’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde moment. Only he really knows. Folks are speculating that he’s a broken man who just flipped. Some folk in the industry claim he’s a thug. Who knows. But…

There seems to be a lot of validity in all of the above. I buy into these opinions.

There’s no doubt Will worked hard to get where is he but I do think it’s a fair statement to say that, that whole family does carry itself with entitlement. I mean just think about what he did. Nevermind about whether he was asked to leave or not. The man got up, slapped another man on live TV and his walk back was so full of attitude it was disgusting. And to boot he sat right back down knowing very well nothing would happen to him because of who he is.
My heart sank for Chris. And considering all the stuff that is now coming out about his childhood bullying days really adds to how much I feel for Chris. The fact he continued on and kept his composure as best he could is commendable. We all have demons and time heals so in time this should go away. Having said that I don’t know that Will will ever be looked at the same way.. But then again time will tell.

And get a load of this.. Almost by divine intervention.. This YT video hits my feed.. On the day I decided to write this up. Alan recaps and analyzes that infamous red table talk about the entanglement. Cringe worthy watching a broken man listening to that rubbish.

Btw Alan Ritchson is amazing as Reacher.. And I have watched some of his other YT videos. I am not much for religion but this man is very well spoken and insightful. He looks to have an amazing outlook to life.

Golden Girls A Second Go At It

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After the passing of Betty White I decided to binge watch the Golden Girls. Stating the obvious here but when u binge watch a show u catch things you wouldn’t necessarily catch watching on a week by week basis.
First off, it is clear that I didn’t hop on this train originally from the beginning… and it also appears I got off the train from time to time as some episodes are new to me.. Or I am getting old and don’t remember. And just like Three’s Company, they recycled actors to play different roles over the seasons! Jesus am I dating myself or what? 😋
My god… so so many episodes would not survive in today’s culture. Wowza!
As I did for Friends here is my list of funniest character to least.. It was a little tougher with Friends…


Oh and I think I only ranked the Friends cast in my head so here goes…
Joey/Phoebe (this was too close)

Being Italian I really appreciate how well Estelle played Sophia’s role. So good. So funny. So accurate.

Considering they have all passed, some episodes really hit the feels..when Rose worried about being the last one in the group and alone. When Sophia lamented about growing old and experiencing memory loss. Ugh. This one bothers me too.. Growing old… and memory loss. My father passed away with dementia..I already worry I am heading in that direction. I hope I am wrong. The worse feeling in the world was when my dad wouldn’t recognize me. It would kill me not being able to recognize my wife, kids and hopefully grandkids.
Ok. Well that took a sharp left turn! Anyway, the finale was very sad. A shows ending always hits me hard. And once again it felt new to me so I really don’t know how good I was about watching the golden girls when it originally aired.

From #onwardmobility to nowardmobility

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To say I am disappointed is an understatement. It looks like it’s time to let go. I have been a fan of the brand for the longest time. It does not escape me that I have been hypocritical towards #iSheepers when I have been the same for the BlackBerry brand. I will ride out my #KEY2 until it’s last breath and then I will move on to the pixel I have just gathering dust right now.
I am not a fan of either Android or Apple. When BlackBerry decided to embrace the android OS there wasn’t much of a decision to make. It allowed me to continue to have and use the BlackBerry phone. Both companies have their faults and short comings. Both in many ways are hypocritical of things… but I refuse to go the way of Apple on principle. They push this narrative that they are all about inclusivity yet their ecosystem is completely closed. They refuse to open iMessage to android admitting that they fear losing people to android. They don’t want to embrace RCS. They talk privacy and maybe it’s a few levels ahead of Google but please. Folks who believe they are far better off with apple are just being naive. Anyway, I am done with my mini apple rant.. Back on track.

On the one hand I guess kudos on onwardmobility for giving it the old boyscout try and try to get a BlackBerry phone out there during difficult times. Big name companies have had it tough over the last few years so imagine a startup. On the other hand though..their PR/social media/communication skills was just plain horrible. Leaving the fanbase hanging for an entire year without a word of anything is not good business practice. Then in a span of a little over a month they went from ‘contrary to popular belief we’re not dead’… to dead. How does that happen? I joke about it but I think Peter ‘if that’s his real name’ Franklin was onwardmobility .. And probably working out of his parents basement. Looks like he went to the school of Anna Delvey. If you know, you know.
BlackBerry on the other hand with their history/reputation in the space could have handled things differently. And this is all on John Chen. For shame. There really isn’t anything else I could add to this.
I don’t regret the BlackBerry logo tattoo but now when someone asks if it is a cat paw… albeit a deformed cat paw, I guess I will just say ‘yes’. Lol

Ps: yes, I actually had someone ask if it is a cat paw.