Tweeter is a complete shitshow since twit took over

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I honestly don’t understand any longer how this Twitter feed algorithm works. It’s complete chaos.

My timeline is in crisis.. I don’t know what’s new or not any longer.. Refreshes bring back old tweets to the top. It is very much a shitshow. And to boot why do I have to see his tweets on my timeline?

I don’t live and die by Twitter. Most of my time on social is spent on #Instagram but #Twitter used to be a close second.. Now I say its slowly heading the way of #Facebook. I very rarely hop onto Facebook and post even less.

… and now twit is forcing your hand to pay for a blue subscription to hold on to sms 2FA authentication. Sms authentication which is not the best option anyway. And for those of us that won’t give this man our hard earned money we have until March 14 to disable 2FA or risk losing access to our account. Lol. Sure buddy.

Sunday morning coffee with a little musing: #TheFlash lost its zing

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I am currently watching the first episode of what is thankfully the last season of #TheFlash. Given I am writing this post during the episode it should tell you how riveting it is. This show has lost its speed.. It’s been a few seasons now. I even abandoned watching last season at one point. I decided to return to it since it is the last season and so I want to see how it plays out.

Weak storylines, weak villains, weak dialogue, weak effects, weak acting, weak, weak, weak. Even the extras are terrible. I mean, I get it.. You’re an extra for a reason but my god I just witnessed some really bad acting.

The need for speed
Not sure it will help the movie franchise.

BlackBerry #KEY2 in 2023

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Brought to you by #chatGPT 👀

BlackBerry KEY2

The BlackBerry KEY2 is a smartphone that was first released in 2018, but despite its age, it is still a device that is worth using in 2023. Here are a few reasons why:

Physical keyboard: One of the most unique and appealing features of the KEY2 is its physical keyboard. In a world where most smartphones have virtual keyboards, the KEY2’s physical keyboard provides a level of tactile feedback and accuracy that cannot be matched by a virtual keyboard.

Durable design: The KEY2 is built with a sturdy aluminum frame and a textured back panel that makes it easy to grip. It also has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, which is resistant to scratches and cracks.

Security features: BlackBerry is known for its emphasis on security, and the KEY2 is no exception. It has a DTEK security feature that monitors the device for potential security breaches and provides regular reports on the device’s security status.

Long battery life: The KEY2 is equipped with a 3500mAh battery, which provides enough power to last a full day of heavy use. Additionally, the device is equipped with BlackBerry’s Boost mode, which can help extend battery life even further.

Solid camera: Although the KEY2’s camera is not as advanced as those on some of the latest smartphones, it still takes great photos and videos. The 12-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera are both capable of capturing high-quality images and videos.

In conclusion, the BlackBerry KEY2 is still a great device in 2023, thanks to its physical keyboard, durable design, security features, long battery life and solid camera. It’s a perfect device for those looking for a phone that prioritizes security, productivity and a real keyboard over the latest features.

The Liver King is not natural? Say Whatttttt???

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The guy who goes by ‘liver king’ has put out a video to come clean and admit he is not natural. Say what? Really? Thank you for admitting it. I would never have thought otherwise 🤦‍♂️

People are praising him for coming clean. He came clean because an email got leaked from his trainer that shows he spends anywhere from 10000 to 15000 a month on gear. On the juice. On the gym candy. $10000 per MONTH!!

He came clean because he got caught!!! Stop with the praising. Had the leak not happened he would have continued to lie. And what’s worse with these so called influencers is they con regular joe nobodies who fall for these lies hook, line and sinker. It’s all about duping people out of their hard earned money with phony programs, food regimens, supplements and merch.

And I don’t want to be cynical but his video explanation is worse than his lying all this time about being natural. It’s all about making sure to use those magic words & circumstances that are the current ‘in’ thing. Throw the word suicidal here, depression there and all is forgiven.

Lies. More lies.

And I know that we should not pass judgement because we don’t know what others are going through.. But you know what? Sometimes people just lie and manipulate. Facts.

Liver King is not alone.. Mike O’Hearn is another phony who claims to be natural… but go ahead and continue to give him your hard earned $$

When You Try Too Hard…

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And fall flat on your face. Or atleast I think I did.

Back in August my son and I took a trip to Vancouver. The girls were in Europe for a good month and given my work situation I could not join them. My son also spent time in Europe with some friends so he had a good summer of travel. I needed to feel like I had a vacation so at a moment’s notice we decided on Vancouver. My main motivation was that I wanted to see some friends I hadn’t seen person to person since our teenage years. Mind you, I did cross paths with my friend back in our mid/late twenties in downtown Montreal but his sister I hadn’t seen in forever. I was both excited and anxiety filled because… me.

After numerous discussions with myself I finally sent my friend a message only once we got to Vancouver.. Essentially our first full day there. Given I just sprang this on him I was fully prepared to accept if we couldn’t get together. Luckily that was not the case and we set a date to get together.

We planned to meet at his sister’s house so that we could go over to their moms who lived close by as I absolutely wanted to see her.

This is where things start to spiral down due to ….me… I just don’t get it. In the end I think I am my worst enemy.

For the most part my nerves got the best of me. And when I get nervous I also start to stutter. It’s interesting. I have had many people over the years, including colleagues (my boss specifically) compliment me on my writing skills… unfortunately that does not translate to when I speak. Sometimes. I always say that I am not eloquent when I speak.
I also over analyze and that always makes things worse and unnecessary.

So let’s analyze, shall we? 😆

Leading up to the meet I was stressing over the fact I could not remember their mom’s name. Literally beside myself with anxiety… and so I stuttered through asking what her name is.

When we got to their moms I sat on a chair and immediately realized and felt something was wrong with the chair. It moved like it was going to break apart. So a normal human being would have said something.. Me? Mr. over analyze things, felt like I didn’t want to embarrass the mom and decided to stay seated and move as little as possible while praying to the gods that I was mistaken… but as time went on there were subtle indications I was not wrong. And then the moment happened; the chair collapsed under me. Thankfully, I guess, my ninja like reflexes kicked in and I was able to grab onto the table and so didn’t flat out fall completely to the floor. Still an embarrassing moment.

After I switched chairs we caught up a little and things were going great. At one point I was asked if I’d ever retire to Italy. I could have made the answer somewhat simple but instead I brought up the fact we bought property there at the onset of covid. It bothers me so much because it can certainly come across as showing off. And really that is not who I am.

Fast forward to the restaurant.
We order drinks and soon after the waitress comes paper and pen in hand and says something. She was at the far end and admittedly I didn’t hear what she said so assumed. My response was clearly wrong because she walked away and that caused some laughter.
Would it have been so hard to just stay quiet or ask the waitress to repeat herself? Serenity now.

The catching up we did at the restaurant was so good. I could have spent hours and hours with them… unfortunately it was a weekday and unlike my son and I they had work the next day. So how could I end the night without another blunder? 🤔

I decided that I would pick up the tab. The reason was all but innocent. Here I am sitting with friends I hadn’t seen in years. I didn’t give them a heads up I’d be in their neighborhood. Yet they made the time for my son and I when they could have said no and I would have understood. I was very grateful for that. Simply put, it was my way of saying thank you and nothing more. Honestly, I don’t know that I could have found the words to properly express how I was feeling. Yet because of how my brain works all I could think about after the fact and AGAIN was ‘what if they thought I was showing off?’. My brain.

You know that expression… you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. I feel I failed. I hope I am wrong. I’ve had moments since where I thought of reaching out and explaining but knowing my luck I would just make things worse and unnecessarily awkward.

The week in Vancouver was too short so it’s definitely not a one and done. I would like to return with the whole family once I can compile a massive amount of $$$ 😋.. Beautiful city but wowsa. Another get together with my friends is definitely in the cards and hopefully I can do better this time around.

I thought by writing down my misadventures it would be cathartic… but to this day and months later I am angry at myself and writing it down has not really helped. 😆