A Ticking Time Bomb:A Lesson In Proscastination

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We have someone who mows our lawn and at the end of the summer season or actually more like some time in fall he came for the last cut. For whatever reason he decided to dump the grass into my garbage bin which may or may not have had some garbage in it. That day I was none too pleased. The bin was actually hard to move. I figured I had to deal with it but not that day. I couldn’t deal. That day became a week, which then became a month, which then became months and all of a sudden it’s winter and at this point I could not do anything about it. So now I found myself with this frozen popsicle which was even harder to move. The other day in an attempt to move it, it fell and the plastic garbage bin actually broke into several pieces leaving this monstrosity !!!

I had to use all the power I could muster up to move it off my driveway and to the side of my home where it now sits, waiting to unleash it’s ugly head. If I don’t figure out something soon this will become a time bomb of the stinky kind!!!

This is why you should never procrastinate on things!!!

I told my kids if the neighbor asks what that is to tell them that it’s an art project for school 🙂 !!!

More proof @BlackBerry BB10 Is Going Away…

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Back in January i wrote a  post where i mentioned that a BlackBerry fan site out of Italy wrote that  rumors were BlackBerry would officially declare end of life for BB10 on May 31st 2017. At the time they stressed it was rumor. I did find the date particularly interesting because of WhatsApp. WhatsApp originally was supposed to stop support for BB10 in December 2016. In a twist of sorts, they seemingly had a change of heart and pushed it to June 1st 2017. Coincidence? Things that make you go hmm.. behind closed door conversations perhaps?

Anyway – in a recent post i wrote that i think BlackBerry has #Blackdroid where it wants it or close to it in terms of security.. Well, while listening to the latest UTB blogcast there was mention that in Barcelona, at the unveiling of the KEYone, BlackBerry confirmed that they have Blackdroid basically at the BB10 10.3.3 level of security. How about them bananas??!! There you have it folks… the bells toll…#RIPBB10 i will definitely miss you.

Mark your calendar.. May 31st.. let’s see if that pans out!


CBS This Morning + John Chen Equals Amateur Minutes

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I can’t even write ‘Amateur Hour’ because the whole interview lasted a few minutes. I was so excited to hear that John Chen was going to be on CBS This Morning that I pvr’d it because I head out early in the morning for work. Anyway while at work I saw a tweet from CBS where they actually misspelled the @BlackBerry twitter handle. I certainly had to comment on it. Look, we all make typos but still pretty careless and amateurish on their part… atleast they had the decency to delete the tweet. Yes, I have that much clout ;)! This morning I sat down and watched the few minutes CBS mustered up to devote to John Chen. Wow. I thought the tweet was amateurish. That interview, if you want to call it that, was amateur 101. It’s clear that not much ‘homework’ was done. It’s clear that not too much effort was put before hand. It’s great to see especially now when journalism is being attacked by you know who, that the most important thing to know is if instagram works with this new BlackBerry. Sad.

Why I Haven’t Been Waiting for the @BlackBerry #Mercury But Will Buy It

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Ok, ok. I guess I have been waiting for the BlackBerry Mercury. You can read a great article by E. Over @utbblog as to why she waited for the mercury (http://utbblogs.com/wait-mercury/). My reasons differ.

Full disclosure. I am a BlackBerry fanboy. Have been since the days of the BlackBerry Bold 9000. I have owned the 9000,9900,torch, Q10,Classic and now the Passport SE. I have also messed with (but not personally owned) a Z30 and Z10. As you can see, the phones I have owned all have a PKB. If I were angry about the things that have happened since the release of BB10 I would have left and gone to another brand a long time ago.
As a company BlackBerry had to do whatever they had to in order to survive. They are no different than any other company. What that means is that what they discuss behind closed doors doesn’t get conveyed to the public the same way. Meaning that what they deliver to the public are half truths. They claim to continue to support BB10 and in fact they are doing so. However, I feel like they are doing so in a sort of ‘buying time’ kind of way. I mean all u have to do is look at how long the update of 10.3.3 took. And some are still waiting to get it. BlackBerry is simply buying time and I am not even convinced that they will actually release 10.3.4. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just put out the same 10.3.3 update by simply just changing the last 3 to a 4 ;).

Here’s my opinion of what has transpired since the arrival of John Chen.
John Chen comes on and assesses the situation
In short order he sets BlackBerry on the path of #Android
The release of the #Priv signs the death warrant of BB10
The release of the Dtek50 and Dtek60 had the grave being dug for BB10.
The impending release of the Mercury or shortly thereafter; Funeral arrangements (and eventual burial) for BB10.

See where I am going with this? BlackBerry has been buying time because I think they have android where they want it or very close to it. This is the reason why I am buying the Mercury. The writing for BB10 has been on the wall forever so it’s time to move on and embrace #Blackdroid. Of course the Mercury has a physical keyboard so that too 🙂 !!

The Dark Side of Youth Sports

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The idea behind youth sports is to make it about the kids and initially that is always the case. We get our kids into recreational sports to give them a chance to learn a sport, be active, socialize, have an outlet and hopefully make some life long friendships. That’s how it always starts. Everything changes when you transition into the competitive side. A different beast altogether . As parents we all tend to lose our shit and as coaches we realize that we will never make everyone happy. I spent many years as coach of a competitive team. There are times now that I wish I could have done some things differently. I do however have no regrets. I think that dwelling on things from the past is wasted energy. One thing that I always struggled with while coaching was that dreaded moment when you had to tell a young kid that he didn’t make the team or tell a player who was on the team that they were being replaced. I’d always have so much anxiety. I don’t think I can remember one time that actually went well. As soon as the word ‘unfortunately ‘ leaves your mouth that parent who is standing there with their kid stops listening.. essentially u become the teacher from Charlie Brown.. no explanation you give them, even if it’s the best most logical explanation in the world will register. They are angry, they are formulating their comeback and nothing u say will appease them. That parent will then proceed to tell you why you are wrong. It never fails. I hated that moment so much.
The biggest thing I learned while coaching is that although youth sports is meant to create friendships, it doesn’t. As coach I am everyone’s ‘friend’ because they need something from me. If you also have a son on the team you coach, he unfortunately becomes collateral damage in this as he too will have ‘friends’. As long as you choose a person’s kid you are the best coach in the world. If you cut this player down the road, you are the scum of the earth.

I thought i had this one parent who was a true friend. Turns out I was wrong. At one point, I was not coach of the team and his son was cut by the then current coach. I was there acting as assistant coach but had no say in his decision. That didn’t stop this parent from sending me a scathing email. As perplexed as I was to receive this email, It was hard to read. He made a point of telling me that almost noone liked me in the west island. Ouch. On the positive side atleast it wasn’t everyone ;). Also, in all likelihood those that didn’t like me, I didn’t like back. So even. Now what’s interesting about this parent is that while I coached his son not only was he one of my favorite players, he played quite a bit for me and eventually I chose him as captain. I treated him like my own son but in the end that meant nothing.
I am finding out now from my wife that my brother in law is going through the same thing in hockey. He coaches his young son’s team and he’s going through difficult years. He’s been vilified, hated and lost many friends. I had to remind my wife that these people are not true friends. I do feel for him. I can say that although I don’t have regrets, that I learned from the past, that I don’t dwell over it… if I could turn back time and restart I would choose not to be a coach. Not for what I went through but for the collateral damage that occurred for my son.

The Many Faces of #FaceBook in @BlackBerry World

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For those of us not living in a bubble, we know that @BlackBerry 10 is going away. The writing has been on the wall for some time now. There are some that still refuse to accept it but the reality is that at some point the hardware that is housing BB10 will need replacing and well… there won’t be any for us to choose from come that time. Anyway, i digress. Even with this impending end of life for BB10 (rumor has it that @BlackBerry will announce this May 30), I still periodically check BlackBerry World for “new arrivals” in the “social apps” category.. and quite frankly  i am surprised that apps continue to show up. One popular one is #FaceBook. Get a load of this:

The only native app out of all the ones listed is #Face10 from NemoryStudios. In the early days of BB10 when there was a native BlackBerry FB app i of course used it exclusively. When #Face10 made an appearance i purchased it to support the dev. When support for the native FaceBook ended, i actually started to use FB off the browser and found the user experience better than #Face10. #Face10 as is the case with most of Nemory’s apps is bloated. He tends to throw everything but the kitchen sink into his apps and that’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, less is more and i think he should have taken this approach. I got tired of a few things with #Face10 like pictures not loading, hanging that from time to time locks up the phone so i started to look at other options and recently downloaded 2 FaceBook apps that are free;FaceSlim and Feisbook.


Have been using it for a little over a month and i am pretty pleased with it. It gives me everything i need. Obviously, at times it isn’t smooth since it isn’t native but it’s the exception to the rule.


I’ve had this app for a few days now and i think i got lucky as when i downloaded it, it was free. Now it’s not. Anyway, same impressions as FaceSlim. I do like the skin better and it offers more options (settings). It has some little quirks but it’s so new that i assume with time these quirks will be ironed out.

Right now, if we count the browser, i have 4 apps for FaceBook. i will give it about another month then will bring it down to two. The browser and one other. Most likely, Feisbook. Yes, i will opt for a non-native version and not Face10. For one, and as mentioned, i get annoyed by the issues Face10 has and as well, although i appreciate his effort, Oliver, aka NemoryStudios could do some growing up/maturing. He has a habit of doing this quite a bit.. and trust me this is not the first time:

It’s too bad that apps like twitter and instagram don’t get the same attention FB gets.

Anyway, reluctantly I have made the decision that I will move on from BlackBerry 10 and will buy the BlackBerry Mercury. In past posts I wrote that I would wait until May/June but I don’t think I will wait after all. I will buy it within a month or so after it gets officially announced Feb 25th.

@BlackBerry #Mercury, #DTEK70, #Press…

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I will get this imPRESSive phone regardless of what name it ends up with. Apparently it will be released after MWC so we are looking at February /March. I won’t buy it day one but maybe around the summer time I will. Look, I have said it plenty of times. I am not a fan of Android. And It really has zero to do with security or lack of it. We are all supposed to be weary of this but let’s face it we are all way beyond this. I have a google account. I have facebook, instagram, youtube so it’s already too late to talk privacy. I don’t like android for the simple and superficial reason that I don’t like the user interface. I am a visual guy. On the hardware side, outside the samsung galaxy series, in my opinion, I don’t think there is an android phone out there that is actually good looking. You cannot say that when it comes to BlackBerry phones. I also think that the user experience is overly done. Of course, the latter is based on what I see second hand and so I guess I am just as hypocritical as someone who critiques BlackBerry without having tried it but whatever.

I have decided that I will buy the DTEK70 because it’s gorgeous looking and already with all the videos out there it’s clear it’s a well built and solid phone. I saw a tweet out in the wild that the Mercury is ‘an eye sore’. An eye sore. Holy fucking shit this person must have the worse taste on the planet. The other reason I will have to embrace #Blackdroid and purchase the PRESS is that it’s clear that there is no future for BlackBerry 10. The fact is, the writing has been on the wall for some time now. There is a BlackBerry fan site out there that, god bless them, always tries to put a positive spin on it but the fact is BB10 is going away. Even as recently as this past week Brad put out a piece as to why BB10 is not dead.. however, if u pay close attention to his writing style it has changed from a while back when he put out other ‘BB10 is not dead’ posts. You don’t have to read between the lines. He too isn’t sold on it either anymore. That confidence that used to be there isn’t so much anymore. Sure, John Chen a while ago said there were no plans for BlackBerry 10 and that only after 10.3.4 was released that he would re-evaluate things. Translation; BlackBerry 10 is going the way of the dodo bird. During CES2017, when asked TCL re-confirmed that there are no plans and apparently BlackBerry 10 was actually referred to as a legacy OS during this conference. Imagine, an OS that is four years old referred to as legacy. If that isn’t a sign that it’s EOL I don’t know what is. To boot, over the x-mas holidays I read a post from a BlackBerry fan site out of italy that rumor has it that BlackBerry will announce EOL for BlackBerry 10 at the end of May. The site did stress it’s only a rumor but rumors are just that until they are fact. I tweeted Marty Beard on it and to no surprise he didn’t reply because u know, he’s tired of answering these types of questions. Maybe Brad should invest some time and research this rumor ;). Also think about the fact that Whatsapp originally planned to end support for BlackBerry 10 in december then had a ‘change of heart’ and pushed it to June 2017.. so maybe some conversations took place between the two parties behind closed doors.. BlackBerry tells Whatsapp to throw us a bone and go until June since the plan is to EOL BlackBerry 10 at the end of May. I wouldn’t be surprised if BlackBerry already has all the social media articles/posts/tweets at the ready and scheduled for publishing May 31st as to why it was time to EOL BlackBerry 10 with all the ‘logical’ reasons it had ‘no choice’. Anyway, it is what it is. Time to assimilate and since I will never go #Apple, #BlackDroid it is.