Montréal #KEYone Meetup And First Impressions @BBMobile @CrackBerryKevin

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I had a great time at the may 15th #KEYone meetup in Montreal. I got to meet Kevin, BlackBerry enthusiasts and of course I had some hands one with the #KEYone. It was cool to see what BlackBerry phones folks are currently carrying and it was surprising to see how many have the original BlackBerry Passport. I was one of only two that had the SE (that I noticed). Some folks asked for hands on. Pretty neat. It was great listening to Kevin’s stories too. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him one on one too much. Asked him what his thoughts were on all the different reviews out there for the KEYone.

As for the KEYone. I can’t wait to get my very own. I was surprised by how light it is. The quality build is as always BlackBerry which means fantastic. I cannot understand folks that complain that it’s too tall. Ridiculous. Honestly, it DOES fit perfectly in the hand. The keyboard is less clicky and will get some getting used to. Having said that even with the little amount of time I was on it I can tell it won’t take me long to adjust. I certainly see that I will lose my shit for a while getting accustomed to Android. The navigation was a little tough. I figure a week before I get the hang of it. This phone is fast! Everything is smooth about it. The camera is phenomenal. Fast too. Same with the video. By far the best I have seen on any BlackBerry phone. There was a gentleman there that put his Dtek50 up against the KEYone. No contest. KEYone hands down the champ!
I should mention that my wife who also has a BlackBerry came out as well and is completely in love with the KEYone. Goes without saying that she will be getting one too.

I see myself putting this phone to great use.. on the social media front I know It will help me bring my game to a whole new level!

The one thing I am sad about is that the BlackBerry name is not on the KEYone. Sure, the logo is forever recognized but still it would have been nice to have the name branding as well.

Why the @BBMobile #KEYone delay has me feeling like Jack Tripper!

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Before the #KEYone showed it’s beautiful face i could care less about Android or Blackdroid for that matter. I had no plans to leave my trusted #Passport SE… Then we got teased with the KEYone.. Then we got more at MWC.. Then we were promised that we could get our hands on the #KEYone starting in April.. then the bomb dropped that it was delayed. Then silence…it bothers me that i am bothered by the delay but the fact is i actually got excited. The KEYone got me willing to go to the dark side!!! I am a volunteer at a youth soccer club and started to plan out what i’d be using the KEYone for.. well, our season has started and at this rate who knows when i will get this phone. Hopefully, before the season is done. In any case, this delay has got me feeling all kinds of this:


Edmonton couple wins lottery for 3rd time

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i hate you. that is all.

via Edmonton couple wins lottery for third time

ok, maybe ‘hate’ is a strong word.. I don’t like you.

@BlackBerry @BBMobile #KEYone: The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

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So here’s the thing I am a huge BlackBerry supporter and have been for years. I am also a huge BB10 supporter but in recent months have come to terms with the fact that I must transition to #Blackdroid because the clock is ticking for BB10 and its demise. Of course, the announcement of #KEYone got me excited and more willing to embrace the dark side. The KEYone was first teased at CES then later made official at MWC where it was announced it would be available in April. Well, yesterday @BlackBerry announced during their earnings call that the KEYone was being pushed to May release. Later in the day @BBMobile put out a ‘clear the air’ post, tweets etc with an explanation behind the now it’s like BlackBerry/BBMobile have to fact check each other in an odd way. Oh the irony!!!

There’s really nothing to clear up. This is yet another misstep. In a way you kind of expected it from BlackBerry.. over the recent years they’ve had a few… but atleast you could excuse them because they lacked resources and funds… now, TCL, this huge entity, what to make of this? This is a huge, experienced company who has been to this dance before, yes?

The explanation given by Steve Cistulli on twitter was at best a weak attempt at damage control. You were surprised by the demand? Obviously this can’t possibly be consumer demand because we haven’t had the chance to place our pre-orders yet…hello???? so I guess this would be carriers and enterprise??? Even so, it’s not like #TCL introduced the phone last week. I mean how long ago was CES?? How do u get caught ‘off guard’ like this to the point you have to delay the release? Maybe TCL should have asked BB Merah Putih for some pointers on phone launches!!! It’s very disappointing. Very. Over the years I have never really engaged a lot within BBM groups or left tons of ‘first’ type comments on @CrackBerry or other sites for that matter but yesterday i felt i had to chirp on my disappointment on Twitter. I even left a comment on CrackBerry!!! Yes, that’s how disappointed i am! Some folks are so annoyed they’re talking jumping ship to Samsung or whatever. As disappointed as I am, I am actually not that petty. Of course I will wait… but I cannot hide my disappointment. When CrackBerry Kevin has his Montreal meet-up.. he will hear it from me 🙂 not that he can doing anything about it. I am almost sure the release of the #KEYone was delayed because he hasn’t completed all the scheduled meetups 🙂 !!!

@Marvel Iron Fist Packs A Punch! A Weak One

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I won’t spend too much time on this ‘review’. I sort of binge watched season one of Iron Fist and it was disappointing. I grew up on comic books. I knew of Iron Fist but did not read or follow his character like I did Hulk, for example. Anyway, my thoughts.
The story line was all too familiar. Maybe a mix of Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne. The story/dialogue in general was weak. I found myself rolling my eyes plenty of times throughout this first season. Of course I understand that fight scenes are choreographed but my god it was soooo blatant!!! So mechanical especially in the early episodes. The one fight sequence that had any semblance of ‘realism’ was when Danny fought that drunk guy… but S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y what the F was that! Was that supposed to be the comedy relief of season one? It didn’t work. Atleast not for me. It was actually so annoying! And speaking of annoying… I lost count how many times Danny exclaimed ‘I am the Iron Fist!’ ok, ok, we get it. You are the whiny Iron Fist. Give it a rest! As has been the case with each Marvel netflix series there is always a character that stands out and in Iron Fist it was Harold… aka Frank Stein (great alias).
Fact is I had to watch it through because it’s the lead up to ‘Defenders’ but it was a tough watch. Interestingly enough I rank the four series in the order they actually were released. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and finally Iron Fist. Hopefully, Defenders will be good!!

A Ticking Time Bomb:A Lesson In Proscastination

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We have someone who mows our lawn and at the end of the summer season or actually more like some time in fall he came for the last cut. For whatever reason he decided to dump the grass into my garbage bin which may or may not have had some garbage in it. That day I was none too pleased. The bin was actually hard to move. I figured I had to deal with it but not that day. I couldn’t deal. That day became a week, which then became a month, which then became months and all of a sudden it’s winter and at this point I could not do anything about it. So now I found myself with this frozen popsicle which was even harder to move. The other day in an attempt to move it, it fell and the plastic garbage bin actually broke into several pieces leaving this monstrosity !!!

I had to use all the power I could muster up to move it off my driveway and to the side of my home where it now sits, waiting to unleash it’s ugly head. If I don’t figure out something soon this will become a time bomb of the stinky kind!!!

This is why you should never procrastinate on things!!!

I told my kids if the neighbor asks what that is to tell them that it’s an art project for school 🙂 !!!