Tweeter is a complete shitshow since twit took over

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I honestly don’t understand any longer how this Twitter feed algorithm works. It’s complete chaos.

My timeline is in crisis.. I don’t know what’s new or not any longer.. Refreshes bring back old tweets to the top. It is very much a shitshow. And to boot why do I have to see his tweets on my timeline?

I don’t live and die by Twitter. Most of my time on social is spent on #Instagram but #Twitter used to be a close second.. Now I say its slowly heading the way of #Facebook. I very rarely hop onto Facebook and post even less.

… and now twit is forcing your hand to pay for a blue subscription to hold on to sms 2FA authentication. Sms authentication which is not the best option anyway. And for those of us that won’t give this man our hard earned money we have until March 14 to disable 2FA or risk losing access to our account. Lol. Sure buddy.