Italy: #Android is King

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Obviously it’s not a news flash.. we all know that #Android is king pretty much everywhere. Given I am into gadgets and tech I decided to pay close attention to what people are using while in italy. Android it is… and mostly #Samsung. Even the tablets used by the police force are Samsung. Waiters used android phones to take your order. My family members as well are mostly android users with the exception of a few that had #apple. To my sadness and dismay they had no clue what a @BlackBerry is. Not good.

Chen: Two More Phones Definitely Coming Out This Year

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via Chen: Two More Phones Definitely Coming Out This Year


This is obviously great news… regardless of the fact that the two phones will be android. John Chen clearly seems confident that hardware will be profitable and i believe that he believes it. I will continue to hold out hope that BB10 does not go away and that @BlackBerry is working on more BB10 goodness along with, at some point, a new phone. #TeamBlackBerry

“Exciting” Flagship BlackBerry Phone Planned for Holidays – N4BB

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“Exciting” Flagship BlackBerry Phone Planned for Holidays – N4BB.

I wonder what this “exciting” phone will be??? Honestly, there is just no winning!! lol.. We are a blackberry family and so i got my son the Z10 when it came out.. and it’s been over a month and he’s loving it. Maybe too much.. He’s constantly on it. Prior to the Z10 he had a 9900.. and admittedly not really a gaming phone… and now.. forget about it.. he’s constantly youtubing or gaming.. as good as i have gotten typing on the Z10, I, myself am a keyboard fan so i am holding out for the Q10.. but what might this “exciting” phone be??? a slider? a more powerful superphone? It’s just never ending!! One cannot keep up with the ever changing mobile landscape!! but as a blackberry believer i can only be excited for the future of blackberry (formerly known as RIM ;o))

PS: I currently have a 9900, my wife has a 9900 and my daughter.. well she’s too young but soon!! 🙂