Media “conditioned” to ask BlackBerry about handset business, says Chen |

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so true.. there is more to BlackBerry!! The irony is the very same people that continuously dwell on the same old things are the same people that accuse BlackBerry of living in the past!

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Chen: Two More Phones Definitely Coming Out This Year

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This is obviously great news… regardless of the fact that the two phones will be android. John Chen clearly seems confident that hardware will be profitable and i believe that he believes it. I will continue to hold out hope that BB10 does not go away and that @BlackBerry is working on more BB10 goodness along with, at some point, a new phone. #TeamBlackBerry

Blackberry CEO says tech firms should comply with lawful access requests

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John Chen is a beast.. it’s too bad that he didn’t take over @BlackBerry reigns sooner.. Thor was not the right answer to push BB10.. and I think that had John been at the helm during the early days of BB10¬†we would be sitting pretty right now with BB10.


My ‘Joe Dirt’ Review of the BlackBerry Priv

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Alright. Here we go… I will review the #Priv without actually having one. That’s right. I will review the #Priv based on all the unboxing/initial impression videos that are out there on the BlackBerry #Priv. And there are many!!! It’s unreal though. Again, I go back to my earlier post about the struggle within. On the one hand I am happy about all the effort and attention it’s getting, on the other I question why this effort couldn’t have been the same for BlackBerry 10.
Anyway… I have no plans to review the reviews. Although that would have been funny. I have watched 12 videos so far.. I suspect more are coming… what I know is that I will not be getting a #Priv any time soon… nor do I think I will get the #Vienna. I am pretty picky and the general sense I am getting from all the videos is that I won’t be happy with the hub experience and certainly the lack of peak. I also gather that I will in fact not be able to do things quickly as I do with BlackBerry 10. I want to believe that with time the BlackBerry productivity tools will mature but I highly doubt to the level I am used to with BlackBerry 10.
So who’s this #Priv for? In my opinion.. anyone who hasn’t experienced BlackBerry 10. Plain and simple. With BlackBerry 10 u get spoiled and so moving away from it will be a disappointment.
My hope is that BlackBerry 10 never goes away. I don’t know if that will happen. If that sad day comes, that BlackBerry 10 goes away I will begrudgingly go the route of a BlackBerry #Android. For a few nights after that I am sure I will cry myself to sleep but eventually I will accept and I guess assimilate.

Full disclosure… my son has a Z10. He’s a BlackBerry fan and eyeing the #Priv and I am looking to get him the phone..therefore I will get up close and personal with it at some point.