Last Man Standing series finale

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It’s always super sad when a series ends. Political views aside I have always been a fan of Tim Allen. I loved Home Improvement. I will say that although early on I did not miss any episodes of last man standing at one point I lost touch with it… but eventually I returned to watching it.
Most series, unless abruptly terminated, end with closure. I am not exactly sure what to make of Last Man Standing’s series finale. Essentially a truck Tim worked on for 10 years gets stolen. So in some way the truck represented the show… ~10 years of hard work by Tim…during their mourning the truck scene u can clearly see that they’re really talking about the show.
Anyway I just found this series ending, let’s just say, different.
During his last vlog Tim makes reference to ‘stealing’…I hope that considering his political views that he didn’t go there. It would not be surprising though since over the years he’s gone there plenty of times during the shows run.
As an avid BlackBerry enthusiast myself the one thing I appreciated enormously was Tim Allen’s appreciation for the BlackBerry brand and the fact he showcased plenty BlackBerry phones constantly over the years. His love for the brand seemed to have rubbed off on others in the cast as Hector and Jonathan too sported the KEY series during the last season. Good on you Tim. Good on you. 👍

Rocking the stylish and sexy BlackBerry KEY2

… and btw what the hell ever happened to Boyd? Here’s what…

Weird though that he couldn’t be in the finale.

How to enable the swipe to type feature on the BlackBerry Priv keyboard |

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via How to enable the swipe to type feature on the BlackBerry Priv keyboard |


awesome new feature… way to go @BlackBerry !!


PS: i watched the video and i still have no clue how it works!! lol.


Not getting a Priv. Not Getting a Priv. Got a Priv.

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Nope. Not me. I am still on my trusted and excellent #Classic. As an avid BlackBerry user and supporter I make it a point of frequenting BlackBerry related blogs. Since the rumor of an android running BlackBerry started to surface one fellow, let’s refer to him as ‘B’.. on his weekly podcast was adamant that although he would support the #Priv and wish @BlackBerry success with it, he would not get one because he is so anti android. I actually lost count the times he said that. Well, he got a @BlackBerry #Priv. Anyway, we are all entitled to change our mind on things. Still. Makes you wonder. In fairness to him though… atleast for the moment his main daily driver remains his #Passport but he will continue to use the #Priv and put out his thoughts on it along the way. It was good to see on their last podcast that he got some razzing for going back on his word. I mean where is your conviction !!! Lol.. ah, so be it. Admittedly the phone is gorgeous. I, however, stand by my word that I will remain a BlackBerry 10 user to the end!!! I am loyal as fuck!! Hard to find this nowadays.

My ‘Joe Dirt’ Review of the BlackBerry Priv

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Alright. Here we go… I will review the #Priv without actually having one. That’s right. I will review the #Priv based on all the unboxing/initial impression videos that are out there on the BlackBerry #Priv. And there are many!!! It’s unreal though. Again, I go back to my earlier post about the struggle within. On the one hand I am happy about all the effort and attention it’s getting, on the other I question why this effort couldn’t have been the same for BlackBerry 10.
Anyway… I have no plans to review the reviews. Although that would have been funny. I have watched 12 videos so far.. I suspect more are coming… what I know is that I will not be getting a #Priv any time soon… nor do I think I will get the #Vienna. I am pretty picky and the general sense I am getting from all the videos is that I won’t be happy with the hub experience and certainly the lack of peak. I also gather that I will in fact not be able to do things quickly as I do with BlackBerry 10. I want to believe that with time the BlackBerry productivity tools will mature but I highly doubt to the level I am used to with BlackBerry 10.
So who’s this #Priv for? In my opinion.. anyone who hasn’t experienced BlackBerry 10. Plain and simple. With BlackBerry 10 u get spoiled and so moving away from it will be a disappointment.
My hope is that BlackBerry 10 never goes away. I don’t know if that will happen. If that sad day comes, that BlackBerry 10 goes away I will begrudgingly go the route of a BlackBerry #Android. For a few nights after that I am sure I will cry myself to sleep but eventually I will accept and I guess assimilate.

Full disclosure… my son has a Z10. He’s a BlackBerry fan and eyeing the #Priv and I am looking to get him the phone..therefore I will get up close and personal with it at some point.

#BB10 v. #Priv: The Struggle Within

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Last Friday wasn’t just November 6th. It was BlackBerry #Priv Day.. believe it or not (and I am not sure if I should admit it) leading up to this day I was both excited and anxiety stricken ! I want the #Android #Priv to do well because first and foremost I support BlackBerry the company.

The excitement of course was over all the buzz the #Priv was generating on friday. My twitter timeline was practically all #Priv, all the time. Instagram was showing some #Priv love as well. I am not big on Facebook but I imagine some action happened there as well. Magically, like mushroom sprouting, you had all kinds of reviews pop up. Mostly favorable but some not so much. There’s no doubt that at times, as fanboys, we’ll refuse to see accept or acknowledge things.. It’s I guess par for the course… but these reviewers that panned the #Priv, you can tell they just live to hate on things. It’s basically what they live for. I wonder how many of them actually spent significant or quality time with the device.
Anyway, I digress. Where was I. Ok, so why the ‘struggle within’… well, where the fuck was all this effort for when the BlackBerry 10 came out? Where was this love then? I realize it’s easy to be that armchair critic but seriously why couldn’t this effort be done as well for bb10 ? So there you have it. That’s the struggle. Happy for what appears to be a successful launch of the #Priv but pissed that BB10 wasn’t shown the same love.
Over the weekend I got to play with a #Priv for about 15mins at a local Rogers store. I will tell you, the fact they had a working BlackBerry device of any kind was a miracle and refreshing. The 15mins I spent weren’t much but they were 15 great minutes. The device in hand.. well it’s unmistakably BlackBerry. What quality. BlackBerry makes the best phones. Period. The performance was fantastic. Navigation easy enough to get used to. It didn’t hurt that I watched all sorts of videos leading up to this… the one thing that I still can’t bring myself to like. The android UI. I don’t like it one bit. Anyway having written all this, I will not purchase a #Priv. I am a die-hard BlackBerryer.. and until I have no other choice I remain a BB10er. I don’t cave in like some folk.

#TeamBlackBerry #TeamBB10