My ‘Joe Dirt’ Review of the BlackBerry Priv

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Alright. Here we go… I will review the #Priv without actually having one. That’s right. I will review the #Priv based on all the unboxing/initial impression videos that are out there on the BlackBerry #Priv. And there are many!!! It’s unreal though. Again, I go back to my earlier post about the struggle within. On the one hand I am happy about all the effort and attention it’s getting, on the other I question why this effort couldn’t have been the same for BlackBerry 10.
Anyway… I have no plans to review the reviews. Although that would have been funny. I have watched 12 videos so far.. I suspect more are coming… what I know is that I will not be getting a #Priv any time soon… nor do I think I will get the #Vienna. I am pretty picky and the general sense I am getting from all the videos is that I won’t be happy with the hub experience and certainly the lack of peak. I also gather that I will in fact not be able to do things quickly as I do with BlackBerry 10. I want to believe that with time the BlackBerry productivity tools will mature but I highly doubt to the level I am used to with BlackBerry 10.
So who’s this #Priv for? In my opinion.. anyone who hasn’t experienced BlackBerry 10. Plain and simple. With BlackBerry 10 u get spoiled and so moving away from it will be a disappointment.
My hope is that BlackBerry 10 never goes away. I don’t know if that will happen. If that sad day comes, that BlackBerry 10 goes away I will begrudgingly go the route of a BlackBerry #Android. For a few nights after that I am sure I will cry myself to sleep but eventually I will accept and I guess assimilate.

Full disclosure… my son has a Z10. He’s a BlackBerry fan and eyeing the #Priv and I am looking to get him the phone..therefore I will get up close and personal with it at some point.