Last Man Standing series finale

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It’s always super sad when a series ends. Political views aside I have always been a fan of Tim Allen. I loved Home Improvement. I will say that although early on I did not miss any episodes of last man standing at one point I lost touch with it… but eventually I returned to watching it.
Most series, unless abruptly terminated, end with closure. I am not exactly sure what to make of Last Man Standing’s series finale. Essentially a truck Tim worked on for 10 years gets stolen. So in some way the truck represented the show… ~10 years of hard work by Tim…during their mourning the truck scene u can clearly see that they’re really talking about the show.
Anyway I just found this series ending, let’s just say, different.
During his last vlog Tim makes reference to ‘stealing’…I hope that considering his political views that he didn’t go there. It would not be surprising though since over the years he’s gone there plenty of times during the shows run.
As an avid BlackBerry enthusiast myself the one thing I appreciated enormously was Tim Allen’s appreciation for the BlackBerry brand and the fact he showcased plenty BlackBerry phones constantly over the years. His love for the brand seemed to have rubbed off on others in the cast as Hector and Jonathan too sported the KEY series during the last season. Good on you Tim. Good on you. 👍

Rocking the stylish and sexy BlackBerry KEY2

… and btw what the hell ever happened to Boyd? Here’s what…

Weird though that he couldn’t be in the finale.

Comedian Seth Meyers Likes To Write Jokes On His BlackBerry Q10

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via Comedian Seth Meyers Likes To Write Jokes On His BlackBerry Q10


Now this makes me happy… you see.. @KimKardashian why don’t you take a page from Seth’s playbook? The guy is rocking a #Q10!!!…He probably moved on from a #Bold…The #Q10 is great but the #Classic and even more so the #Passport… hands down an even better experience!!! The point being though that there is a life after the #Bold!!!


BlackBerry Brand and Perception

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Over the weekend we were up north in Mont Tremblant for my company’s Xmas party weekend. It was an amazing time as it always is.. Anyway saturday night during our party the conversation turned to smartphones and as it was revealed that I have a BlackBerry it happened… I got the ‘omg you still use a BlackBerry ‘ comment. Admittedly our conversation didn’t last too long but based on what I was hearing it was clear at 100% that they are thinking of the BlackBerry of yesteryear. I think we can all agree that BlackBerry sat on its ass far too long before it ‘acted’ but my god what to make of folks who also have failed to move forward with their thinking!!! It’s really a shame because it is this continued struggle that has held BlackBerry back from progressing more than it has. This inability to shake off this perception of what they were vs. what they actually are now.
It is such a pity that this perception still exists and a true shame that BlackBerry wasn’t able to push BlackBerry 10 well enough to change this perception. Such a powerful OS that didn’t catch on..It makes me sad. It does. A true shame.

The BackBerry Slider: Ohhhh the emotions!!!

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I will start off my post by writing that I am a hard-core blackberry guy. Hard core. I should add that I am a huge fan of the keyboard variants of the BlackBerry. I fell in love with BlackBerry when I first laid my eyes on the #bold #9900. Love at first sight.
This BlackBerry #slider though. My god… the emotions it has evoked with the community is unbelievable. On the one hand it’s fantastic because it keeps BlackBerry in the news and this time quite frankly for all the right reasons… as opposed to being trashed all the time as it was not too long ago. On the other hand it also brings out the nonsense as well.
Since the early days of rumors and leaks it has gone from photoshop, android runtime, hybrid, dual, and full fledged android. The recent leaks show nothing but #android. So as someone tweeted a while back if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck.. Some in the BlackBerry community are coming to terms with this and atleast try to reason out why this has to happen… others in the BlackBerry community are beside themselves and sound like the world is coming to an end. Like ‘where is the closest bridge so I can just jump off’ kinda reaction. Two extremes it seems.. nothing in-between. You then have these bloggers that fuel the fire with catch tag lines or whatever just to get traffic going on their site… which is pathetic.. all these bloggers that seem to be ‘in the know’ I think just know zero. just the other day I watched a couple of videos.. I won’t name names but one guy goes on about how BlackBerry abandoned their loyal fanbase and that just because it says BlackBerry on the phone it doesn’t make it a BlackBerry. That it’s an android, period. He went on with some tweets as well that BlackBerry must really be doing bad financially if they had to go to another OS to try to survive.. a company making acquisitions clearly is not doing well financially. Makes sense. The issue with this guy is that he seems to go where the wind blows.. says or tweets things just to stir shit.. he’s entitled to his opinion but I think he knows very little. The other video I watched was atleast done with some intelligence. I’ll leave it at that because there really isn’t much to add to it.
Anyway, so is it a BlackBerry Android or an Android BlackBerry ? Who the hell cares?
I won’t go on any rant but here’s my ‘Joe dirt’ take on this. BlackBerry is a company. It’s a business. John Chen needs to look at the big picture… and there IS a bigger picture..I think he’s 2 steps ahead of everyone else with his thinking. Anyone not realizing that is being short sighted. I find It incredibly hard to believe that this man will abandon the loyal hard core fanbase.. that he will abandon BB10 for just android. It doesn’t make sense at all. There have been a few times when I thought that there could be some trolling as well included in all this ‘vision’. Lol…
Is Chen counting on the android #Slider to do well? Yes he is. Will it do well? Based on the frenzy it has caused online thus far I will say a resounding YES!!! I mean for god’s sake people are salivating over it. That’s great news for BlackBerry. Will I buy one? no. I am not a fan of android. Do I think BB10 is dead? No it’s not. Funny enough I saw some recent tweets out there with supposed specs showing #Venice running 10.4 or a flavor of 10.3.2. More fiction? Who knows. What I do know is that I can’t wait for November when this #slider makes its presence not because I want one but rather because once and for all we can all move on with our lives :). In the meantime as I continue to watch this story unfold mainly on twitter and certain blogs I follow it amazes me to see the diversity. You have those that continue to keep it classy and then you have the others. I know that twitter only allows for 140 chars but it grinds my gears when certain folk (and you know who you are) tweet out some vague tease just so they can get a reaction. Sad. Pretty desperate for attention eh? In the end support whatever platform you want. We are all entitled but for the love of Jesus show some conviction and stick to something.. choose a side… and hey if one day you feel the other side of the fence looks better go for IT but don’t shit on the side you originally were on.

#teamblackberry #classic #blackberryrocks #blackberry #slider #BB104ever

What people think of BlackBerry users…

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Another great video by local boy @J_Caloy

I love my BlackBerry #Classic but the #Passport is pretty cool and innovative !

#Fosmon vs. #Inskin Screen Protector Review

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I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry #Classic and as such I need to protect ‘my precious’… as is the case no matter what phone I purchase (always @BlackBerry) I protect it with a case and a screen protector. Back in November 2014 I was looking for a screen protector on amazon and came across the #Fosmon anti glare/anti smudge protector.. I am pretty picky when it comes to smudges.. and the price; $3.00 was almost too good to be true.. but I went ahead and ordered it. This past month while looking at another screen protector I came across #inskin tempered glass protector unlike #Fosmon they don’t offer anti glare/anti smudge (at the moment) but I went ahead and bought even with the $11.00 price tag on it.

Obviously it’s not really fair to compare apples and oranges… one is anti glare/anti smudge, one isn’t but both offer their pros and cons


The good
1) the price; a pack of 3 for $3.00
2) I could not believe how easily I was able to install it and NO AIR/LINT BUBBLES!
3) true to their word the anti glare and anti smudge was fantastic
4) given its thinness it didn’t create any obstruction with my 2 piece phone case

The not so good
1) the one ‘glaring’ 😉 issue which in the end really isn’t because the product does what it claims to do is that you lose the sharpness of the screen colors that your phone offers. You don’t get to appreciate those colors and sharpness.


The good
1) no doubt the fact that you get to enjoy the sharpness of your phone colors given this protector isn’t antiglare.. I missed that.

The not so good
1) THE SMUDGES!!! I am so disturbed by this.. I am incredibly picky when it comes to this… and somehow and I don’t know how there is a streak going right down the middle of the protector. I was very meticulous when I cleaned off the screen before applying the protector.. meticulous I tell you.. and yet this streak can be rubbed off but it just keeps coming back. Like a nightmare..can u see it? #serenitynow

I paid good money for this protector so there is no way that I will replace this protector any time soon… so i will have to suffer through constantly wiping out this streak over and over and over again.. Btw I tried using dish washing soap and rubbing alcohol.. helps momentarily.

2) I was not able escape the dreaded air/lint bubble. Can u see it?

3) the protector isn’t as thin as the #Fosmon one so it kinda obstructs when putting on the phone case..its not though the end of the world.

The winner?? Well if I pretend that the streak in the middle of the #Inskin isn’t there I would rather live with having to remove the smudges so that I can enjoy the sharpness that the #Classic screen offers. That’s how I feel at the moment.. who knows it could change in time.

So there it is.. my ‘Joe Dirt’ kind of review… again, the two protectors serve 2 different purposes but still worth a comparison.