My First Experience with @BBM Support, Kinda Meh.

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In all the years I have been a BlackBerry user I have never had the desire or need to open a support ticket. I recently found an issue and initially tweeted @BBM and on their suggestion sent details on the issue at hand.

My email to support:

From my email you can clearly see I am on an Android phone. I think I clearly explain that the issue is trying to share a screenshot to BBM using the long press of O on Android feature. Basically the image is rendered as black. I do have a work around in that I first share the image to noteable and then to BBM to get it to work correctly so it’s not a show stopper albeit it means an extra step. I am all about productivity and apparently so is BlackBerry.

Their response:

Where did I ever mention that my BBM is crashing in my email to them? Needless to say, it’s the last time I will bother.

I don’t know maybe it’s a language thing. Makes me think of the movie ‘Lost In Translation.’


Italy: @BBM v. #WhatsApp – My Experience

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Once the decision was made to surprise my mom in Italy I knew that I would need help from my cousin to coordinate things. The choice was to call her or use #WhatsApp which she uses. Reluctantly I opted to install whatsapp. Once installed I decided to test out voice calling since whatsapp doesn’t offer video calling. I called my sister who lives a couple blocks away from me and I was pretty disappointed by the reception. It was pretty poor. We were talking over each other and there was a lot of cutting off. My correspondence with my cousin was all texting while I was here in Montreal.. however I did have to call her when in italy because I couldn’t find a way to get to her house. Reception through whatsapp was horrendous ! Constant and horrible breaking up.. conversation was difficult as we’d step on each other. I realize that some of it has to do with where we were but still… pretty nasty.

Last year my son was in italy for a school trip and we video chatted every day using @BBM.. and it was amazing.. video and voice quality was fantastic.

I honestly can’t understand how and why whatsapp is so popular but it is. It’s sad.. I asked my cousins which messaging was popular in Europe and they confirmed whatsapp and to a lesser extent viber. Even the radio stations in italy advertise that u can reach out to them via whatsapp! #serenitynow

Join my BBM Channel!!!

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Going to make a go of it!!! 🙂

BBM Channel
BBM Channel