@BlackBerry, a Patent Troll? That’s Laughable.

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BlackBerry decided to go after Facebook (WhatsApp, Instagram) this past week for patent infringement. Seven to be exact. Just as quickly as the news came out, came the articles and people accusing BlackBerry of being ‘patent trolls’.

A patent troll

Let’s face it folks, BlackBerry is far from being a troll. They own tons of patents and intellectual property that is still in use today.

I won’t lie. This comes as a surprise and I think it’s pretty ambitious. The once Goliath of the industry, now the David going after Facebook; one of today’s Goliaths. BlackBerry clearly feels they have something otherwise I doubt they’d attempt anything. I suspect this has been years in the making and I am sure they’re well prepared. I am no expert or lawyer but on the surface it seems this should go in BlackBerrys favor but you just never know. Time will tell. This could drag on forever.

I think the founder of WhatsApp is a good example of what a troll is.

Takes a dig at #apple:

But doesn’t look at his own backyard to make sure it’s tidy:

100% accurate. WhatsApp has been blatantly ripping off every feature BBM has put out.

All hail BlackBerry. Fingers crossed this will come out in their favor. BlackBerry has been on a good streak lately with lawsuits!

WhatsApp to share your phone number with Facebook

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The shit that is WhatsApp and still people don’t get it!!!

via WhatsApp to share your phone number with Facebook

Italy: @BBM v. #WhatsApp – My Experience

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Once the decision was made to surprise my mom in Italy I knew that I would need help from my cousin to coordinate things. The choice was to call her or use #WhatsApp which she uses. Reluctantly I opted to install whatsapp. Once installed I decided to test out voice calling since whatsapp doesn’t offer video calling. I called my sister who lives a couple blocks away from me and I was pretty disappointed by the reception. It was pretty poor. We were talking over each other and there was a lot of cutting off. My correspondence with my cousin was all texting while I was here in Montreal.. however I did have to call her when in italy because I couldn’t find a way to get to her house. Reception through whatsapp was horrendous ! Constant and horrible breaking up.. conversation was difficult as we’d step on each other. I realize that some of it has to do with where we were but still… pretty nasty.

Last year my son was in italy for a school trip and we video chatted every day using @BBM.. and it was amazing.. video and voice quality was fantastic.

I honestly can’t understand how and why whatsapp is so popular but it is. It’s sad.. I asked my cousins which messaging was popular in Europe and they confirmed whatsapp and to a lesser extent viber. Even the radio stations in italy advertise that u can reach out to them via whatsapp! #serenitynow