#Fosmon vs. #Inskin Screen Protector Review

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I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry #Classic and as such I need to protect ‘my precious’… as is the case no matter what phone I purchase (always @BlackBerry) I protect it with a case and a screen protector. Back in November 2014 I was looking for a screen protector on amazon and came across the #Fosmon anti glare/anti smudge protector.. I am pretty picky when it comes to smudges.. and the price; $3.00 was almost too good to be true.. but I went ahead and ordered it. This past month while looking at another screen protector I came across #inskin tempered glass protector unlike #Fosmon they don’t offer anti glare/anti smudge (at the moment) but I went ahead and bought even with the $11.00 price tag on it.

Obviously it’s not really fair to compare apples and oranges… one is anti glare/anti smudge, one isn’t but both offer their pros and cons


The good
1) the price; a pack of 3 for $3.00
2) I could not believe how easily I was able to install it and NO AIR/LINT BUBBLES!
3) true to their word the anti glare and anti smudge was fantastic
4) given its thinness it didn’t create any obstruction with my 2 piece phone case

The not so good
1) the one ‘glaring’ 😉 issue which in the end really isn’t because the product does what it claims to do is that you lose the sharpness of the screen colors that your phone offers. You don’t get to appreciate those colors and sharpness.


The good
1) no doubt the fact that you get to enjoy the sharpness of your phone colors given this protector isn’t antiglare.. I missed that.

The not so good
1) THE SMUDGES!!! I am so disturbed by this.. I am incredibly picky when it comes to this… and somehow and I don’t know how there is a streak going right down the middle of the protector. I was very meticulous when I cleaned off the screen before applying the protector.. meticulous I tell you.. and yet this streak can be rubbed off but it just keeps coming back. Like a nightmare..can u see it? #serenitynow

I paid good money for this protector so there is no way that I will replace this protector any time soon… so i will have to suffer through constantly wiping out this streak over and over and over again.. Btw I tried using dish washing soap and rubbing alcohol.. helps momentarily.

2) I was not able escape the dreaded air/lint bubble. Can u see it?

3) the protector isn’t as thin as the #Fosmon one so it kinda obstructs when putting on the phone case..its not though the end of the world.

The winner?? Well if I pretend that the streak in the middle of the #Inskin isn’t there I would rather live with having to remove the smudges so that I can enjoy the sharpness that the #Classic screen offers. That’s how I feel at the moment.. who knows it could change in time.

So there it is.. my ‘Joe Dirt’ kind of review… again, the two protectors serve 2 different purposes but still worth a comparison.