BlackBerry Brand and Perception

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Over the weekend we were up north in Mont Tremblant for my company’s Xmas party weekend. It was an amazing time as it always is.. Anyway saturday night during our party the conversation turned to smartphones and as it was revealed that I have a BlackBerry it happened… I got the ‘omg you still use a BlackBerry ‘ comment. Admittedly our conversation didn’t last too long but based on what I was hearing it was clear at 100% that they are thinking of the BlackBerry of yesteryear. I think we can all agree that BlackBerry sat on its ass far too long before it ‘acted’ but my god what to make of folks who also have failed to move forward with their thinking!!! It’s really a shame because it is this continued struggle that has held BlackBerry back from progressing more than it has. This inability to shake off this perception of what they were vs. what they actually are now.
It is such a pity that this perception still exists and a true shame that BlackBerry wasn’t able to push BlackBerry 10 well enough to change this perception. Such a powerful OS that didn’t catch on..It makes me sad. It does. A true shame.

Brand Loyalty #iChooseBlackBerry

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I recently read a blog post on brand loyalty. It was, as all blog posts are, an opinion piece. As such, you can certainly agree or disagree but you cannot determine that the article is incorrect because it’s someone’s opinion and everyone has a right to one. The gist of the post was that being loyal to one brand makes you a slave to the brand as opposed to being open to other brands puts the control back in your lap… Ok sure.. or maybe it just makes you a slave to many… and a very tired one at that! Lol.
I’m not a slave to anyone. Certainly I am no slave to BlackBerry. #iChooseBlackBerry because I want to. Nobody held a gun to my head and certainly I don’t do it because I am a blind follower.
My love for BlackBerry started, truth be told, in a very superficial way. I saw the #bold #9900 and fell in love with the look. Yes, I was and still am superficial that way. I can safely (and correctly) write that BlackBerry phones are the best looking phones out there. Hands down. Added to their great look is the quality behind it. Give me a BlackBerry phone that didn’t or doesn’t ooze quality. You’d be very hard pressed to find one.

I’m not going to invest any time writing about the OS in great detail… I think like any OS out there it has its pros and cons… but I can say through experience that transitioning from OS7 to BB10 for me was not at all traumatic or difficult. I think the BB10 OS is very intuitive and the flow is amazing. Any person saying otherwise didn’t give the OS a chance. impossible.
So being that I am loyal to BlackBerry does it mean that I am missing out on anything? Why not open my eyes to other OSs? Am I afraid that if I try another platform I may like it more? Well, I am not too worried about that. I get to experience first hand the #iPhone because my daughter has one. She is the only one in our household that isn’t BlackBerry.. and no, I haven’t disowned her ;). There is nothing about the phone or the OS that intrigues me. I also have friends that are android users and so I have played with the phones and granted not for long #Android too doesn’t intrigue me much. The other major issue with #Android that gets to me is that I just don’t like the interface. I just don’t find it nice and I also don’t find that it flows nicely. I find it hard to navigate. In fairness though my opinion of android is based on very little hands on time and a lot of video watching. Therefore I don’t know for sure if i’d take to it if I spent quality time with it. So now that begs the question… since I am a BlackBerry supporter first and foremost.. if BB10 goes away will I go iOS or Android? Today I am still in the camp that believes that BB10 isn’t going anywhere. I will continue to ride the BB10 ride. If at some point in the future BlackBerry takes a different path and decides BB10 will go away then because I am a BlackBerry guy, I will in fact choose #Android but an #Android that is produced by BlackBerry. Why? Because #iChooseBlackBerry. Plain and simple.