The Start Of The New Year Brings Some Sadness

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The start of the new year is normally always exciting and a welcome. For one, and most importantly, my son was born on January 4th so we get to celebrate that. Secondly, the new year brings with it a fresh start. Unfortunately, this year it also brought some sadness. On Jan 3rd I was forced to make the difficult decision to put down our wonderful caramel.

Caramel was 13yrs old… I was completely gutted. I feel some guilt that maybe had I acted quicker things would have been different but the doctor says that would not have been the case. For about a week prior I noticed that caramel was drinking a ton of water and also urinating a ton as well. I didn’t make much of it because she was still eating. Over the last weekend of December though I noticed she wasn’t eating any more and for a couple days I tried in vain to force feed her watered down food through a syringe. When I didn’t see any improvement I took her to the vet only to hear the bad news. According to the doctor in all likelihood she had kidney failure and she didn’t even recommend trying anything as she was too far gone. Caramel’s temperature was very low which indicated she was close to the end. Running tests and giving her meds would only prolong the inevitable and the humane thing to do was to put her down It was devastating to hear. My daughter was with me balling and I had to avoid looking at her as I didn’t want to break down in front of the doctor. We were given some time with caramel and then she was taken away.

She is missed dearly. I can see that Clementine too misses caramel.

Our Hazel has left us…

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A few months back, Hazel our 2nd oldest cat (5 years old), started to lose weight. The weight loss was very noticeable but at the time I thought it had to do with the fact I had changed their diet… as both Caramel and Hazel were really hefty… However, as time went on I noticed she was also getting lethargic… was keeping to herself, would stay in our bedroom closet for hours on end. I knew something was up so I brought her to the vet. The news wasn’t good. She had water in her lungs and what looked to be a tumor. The doctor actually wanted me to put down that night. I refused and asked how long hazel had. Not long. That was 2 months ago. During these 2 months we tried our best to keep her comfortable.. brought her food and water.. she didn’t eat much but she drank quite a bit.
On monday night after dinner I was watching TV when I started to hear a feint meowing coming from the basement. I knew it was happening… that she was dying… it was so difficult to see her struggle. she was gasping for air, meowing and trembling. It was very difficult to watch. I am 44 and I can honestly say that in all these years on earth I have never witnessed a death. I just held her and stroked her until she passed on. RIP our beloved hazel.
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