Our Hazel has left us…

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A few months back, Hazel our 2nd oldest cat (5 years old), started to lose weight. The weight loss was very noticeable but at the time I thought it had to do with the fact I had changed their diet… as both Caramel and Hazel were really hefty… However, as time went on I noticed she was also getting lethargic… was keeping to herself, would stay in our bedroom closet for hours on end. I knew something was up so I brought her to the vet. The news wasn’t good. She had water in her lungs and what looked to be a tumor. The doctor actually wanted me to put down that night. I refused and asked how long hazel had. Not long. That was 2 months ago. During these 2 months we tried our best to keep her comfortable.. brought her food and water.. she didn’t eat much but she drank quite a bit.
On monday night after dinner I was watching TV when I started to hear a feint meowing coming from the basement. I knew it was happening… that she was dying… it was so difficult to see her struggle. she was gasping for air, meowing and trembling. It was very difficult to watch. I am 44 and I can honestly say that in all these years on earth I have never witnessed a death. I just held her and stroked her until she passed on. RIP our beloved hazel.
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