Roll up the Rim… ah Timmies coffee…

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I’ll start off by admitting that I am addicted to tim horton coffee… At least I was… I took a 2 mth break and decided to go back to it today since they’ve started the Roll up the rim campaign again. They also introduced new coffees back in november. I’ve tried both the cappuccino and latte. I have to say both are very good. About a month ago I decided to stop using sugar in any drink I typically had sugar with. I did it cold turkey so it was definitely a shock to the system. Today I decided to go with a simple coffee, 3 milks, no sugar… Thankfully I chose to go with a small. Why thankfully? Well… And I am sure it will not come as a surprise to anyone, the later in the day the worse the coffee is at Tim Horton. It’s just horrible. I guess I ‘get it’ that the freshness will only be there during peak hours but man oh man… When it’s bad, it’s bad. My coffee was horrible! Did I mention that already? ;)…Tasted like dirty water… Not that I have ever tasted dirty water… But I just don’t know how else to describe it.

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