High School Reunion Class of 86

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I had my high school reunion this past saturday; 25 years! Crazazy, I tell u… It is unbelievable that it has been that long. This event was originally supposed to happen back in November but due to circumstances, it was postponed to february… I was actually on the fence about going but since I had already paid I figured, what the hell. Might as well go. And I am super happy I did! The night did not disappoint. It was amazing to see my classmates… Some changed so much, some haven’t changed one bit! I think they have a cryogenic chamber! That must be it. Lol. I think that if I actually recapped the entire night, this post would go on forever. I won’t do that… Instead I will write that as a whole it was a great event. There was some great ‘cougar’ action going on. Amazing to see these ladies in all their glory.. Mothers and all but wowza!!! Crazy crazy crazy. Of course, u can’t have a party without drunkenness behavior! Lol. It was fun to watch. I enjoyed chatting it up with many of my buddies. I found it interesting though how most would evade the question of what they did for a living… I mean, what else r u going to talk about? Family, work, friends, right? There was classmate though who had no pblms speaking his mind. He’d jump from one conversation to another without blinking! Interesting little tidbit about this classmate … He in fact, didn’t graduate with us because he quit school. Bad apple of sorts… Trouble with the law… A few beers short of a six pack.. Volatile personality…had me on guard whenever he came to talk to me. As u can see a pretty interesting and diverse group of people! Ok. Where was I… Yes, this one classmate had no pblms telling me that he works as a mechanic but he also likes to break fingers. Somehow, I believe him.

In high school I was in the geek group, was a small kid, girls didn’t give me the time of day… In a way it was fun to go just to see the reaction of my classmates to seeing me now 25 years later. Some of the reactions were in fact priceless! :).. That’s all I will say. 🙂

Anyway – all in all a great night… Not sure if there will be another one…. Not sure if I’d go even if there was one.

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