Facebook and the tween demographic

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I was never a fan of Facebook…I still am not…However, like practically everyone else in the world I do have an account and I do ‘facebook’ from time to time… What I have noticed about Facebook is that over the years it has been taken over by the 11-14 demographic and since that time it has become a waste land of illiterate, unintelligent jibber jabber. Pure garbage. Not only do we have to deal with this ‘new’ form of supposed English written language.. But you also have to deal with such nonsense as “lms and I will …” (lms being ‘like my status’) … Or ‘lms for a tbh …’ (tbh being ‘to be honest’)…and yes, I needed my son to decode this for me !!! And the crap that comes out of this is beyond words!!! ‘Ur my bro’, ‘luv u bro’, ‘ur a tank bro’, bro, bro, bro, blah blah blah…and this stuff is just done over and over and over again… And its always the same nonsense… No imagination, nothing intelligent… Just wasted empty words… I mean how much of it is actually sincere? Only god knows. These will be our leaders of tomorrow. God help us all.

One thought on “Facebook and the tween demographic

    hyperlocalhero said:
    March 13, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    sick! : )

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