Near Death Experience

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Ok so maybe it wasn’t a near death experience 😉 but I bet that sure as hell caught your attention,no? It may not have been but it felt that way to me last night… I saw my life flash before my eyes even though it was dark! lol… For many years now, although not often… I am awakened in a stupor (but not drunken like #Rob #Ford) because I stop breathing! Yes, you read correctly !! Stop breathing. I knowww!! Crazy huh. I am awakened and in a panicked state i jump out of bed and struggle to get my breathe on. Although it seems like forever the episode only lasts seconds; that is until last night. Last night was different… it lasted longer and it included acid reflux for the love of jesus. As I was struggling to breathe, some burning sensation was coming up my throat… liquid.. whatever it was, it was making the task of trying to breathe again a nightmare… I scared the crap out of my wife. My poor son woke up too. My daughter, god bless her, slept right through it all.
Let’s just say that it wasn’t easy convincing myself to go back to bed after that but in the end after calming down, to bed I went.
Today like any normal person would do I Googled to find out what, if anything, could be wrong with me…the crazy thought of it happening again and my not being able to get out of it has crossed my mind on more than one occasion. Depending on what terms I Googled, I either have sleep apnea or nothing. According to one site this is a normal occurance if you happen to sleep on your back. Truthfully that could be possible but when I am springing up out of bed in a crazed panic the last thing that is going through my mind is wondering if I was on my back to begin with. It’s possible I was on my back last night but I just don’t remember. The symptoms linked to apnea tell me that I don’t suffer from that. One thing I do know is what caused my acid reflux… last night I was at an AGM and got home late… I had dinner @ 1030pm… baked sausage and some bread and then went to bed… seemed like a good idea at the time… clearly it wasn’t.
I am incredibly tired today.. to no surprise.. yes, I slept but well I did not.. a lot of tossing and turning so I decided to skip out on the gym as I am practically a zombie.