#2BrokeGirls why is it still on TV?

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So today I am reading that #2brokegirls has offended another racial group…you can read one of several articles here: http://avc.lu/1Byy634 … anyway when this show first aired I watched a few episodes and it became very very very clear to me what this show is about. It’s pretty much cheap and by cheap I mean bad humor, sexual innuendo and most times not even innuendo…and of course NEWS FLASH….RACIST!!!!
This is a tweet from @OfficialKat: That line was a moment of ignorance from whoever wrote it. It does NOT reflect how I or cast feels. Hope this helps anyone rightfully upset.

This is one great response to her tweet:
@Cupcakes_n_Rap: I like you @OfficialKat. But this tweet could be about ANY of the anti-fat, anti-trans, racist, and/or rape/sexual abuse jokes on your show.

I assume @OfficialKat tweet is about the latest controversy… anyway I don’t know what she means. Was this line not in the script? A script that everyone reads and rehearses? Did it not air??? Does @OfficialKat and the cast not have a ‘voice’? Whatevs.
I realize that twitter allows for only 140 characters but that is one weak ass tweet. And that sir, is my opinion.

*cancel this show already*