Emotions Will Always Get The Best Of You…

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My mother in law is one that normally doesn’t get duped… Yesterday she did. There is this scam that has been going on for some time.. I am not sure how far it reaches but it was in the news months ago. Older folks are targeted by a phone call that tells them their “granddaughter” or “grandson” are in jail and need help with bail money…She was told bail was $2000.00.. Stricken with panic, she asked to talk to my son… someone talked to her.. it wasn’t my son.. that’s for sure…anyway, i guess he is a good actor and was convincing enough.. My poor mother in law went to the bank, withdrew the cash and had them come to get it AT HER HOUSE!!!! for the love of Jesus!!!! Scary stuff. Needless-to-say some stressful moments yesterday especially after she called my son to see how he was doing and he had no clue what she was talking about.

Thankfully my mother in law is OK…god knows it could have ended worse. Cops are on the case. we shall see.

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