How I Put My @BlackBerry #Passport To Use

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This is but one example of how @BlackBerry works for me. I have been involved in youth soccer for many years. This year I have the pleasure of being on the coaching staff for our club’s semi pro and reserve teams. I am also responsible for their social media. Yesterday I got the opportunity to put my skills to work. One hour before the start of the match I put out a photo of the starting lineup.

I prepare the above image on my laptop the day before our match and save it to the cloud. One hour before kick off I access it from my #Passport and tweet it out. Simple enough.

During in-game I keep busy tweeting out as much play by play as possible.. mostly through the great BlackBerry 10 App @Blaq. I use the Android version of twitter when I need to tweet out a video. An example of the flexibility of BlackBerry 10.

During the first half using my digital SLR camera I take a lot of action shots. The purpose is two-fold… one is to practice my photography skills. Secondly, I select 2 shots to use as the image when i tweet out the match score. One at halftime. One at full-time. Here are two examples from yesterday’s match:

Now how do I pull this off, you ask? From camera to my #Passport? Easy. I use an OTG cable and card reader.

Admittedly yesterday a few times I had to verify some jersey numbers and last name spelling.. no pblm.. file manager and documents on the go.

.. and the battery life on the #Passport… ridiculously good. No sweat.

Why I choose @BlackBerry

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