Team Taylor or Team Kanye

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I am neither. However, I will give my 2 cents for what it’s worth. This will actually end up being a pretty short post. I am not a fan of either. I have liked a few songs from both and as artists they are clearly ‘gold’ but the same can’t be said as people. I don’t know either personally so maybe it’s wrong to pass judgment but with Kanye all he has to do is open his mouth. It’s like as they say, an open and shut case. When it comes to Taylor I never bought into her girl next door shtick… let’s face it she’s making a living out of destroying past boyfriends. There is a dark soul there. How can it always be him? Right? Maybe it’s her? She finally messed with the wrong guy. It took Calvin Harris to call her out and now the snowball effect. I don’t think what Kim and company did is right or legal for that matter but it does shed some light into what kind of person Taylor really is. Squad goals. Please.

I read on the Internet that this whole relationship with Loki could be a publicity stunt and that maybe this Kanye thing is too.. could be… but it’s not like the Internet has ever been wrong, right? Lol

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