Is @BlackBerry #BB10 Barb from #StrangerThings?

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Over the weekend i watched the final episode of #StrangerThings. Last weekend i watched the first seven episodes and i waited an entire week to watch the last one. I mean, who does that? lol.

Anyway – as i always do every week, i listened to the UTBBlogs podcast. They now have a segment where they answer questions from viewers. Again, there are folks out there wondering about the status of BB10 and 10.3.3 and whether there will ever be another BB10 device. You can tell that Brad and company are tired of answering these questions. It’s the same old, same old. BB10 isn’t going anywhere and it was made clear that in the next couple of years BB10 would be given very little attention. One update supposedly now in September (10.3.3) and one some time in 2017 (10.3.4).

Yes, John Chen and company have stated this a few times but i can’t help but feel like BB10 is Barb.


This poor kid was snatched up by the Demogorgon and she was barely on anyone’s radar. I mean, outside of Nancy who was concerned, noone really went out actively looking for her. Incredibly strange, no? Then later in the movie while chief Hopper and Joyce were in the upside down looking for her son, Hopper sees Barb and it was like “nothing to see here, let’s move it along”… This poor girl!! Nobody cared!

On more than one occasion, John Chen, while re-iterating that BB10 isn’t going anywhere has also mentioned that he “will let the market tell BlackBerry what to do”. This, in my opinion, is very important. You see, while BB10 is getting very little love, Android is getting tons. As a consumer who loves and uses BB10 i have taken notice of this. My son rolls his eyes when i say this but i consider myself a power user and i love how BB10 allows me to be that. So is BB10 an awesome OS? Yes it is. Having said that though i am feeling the pinch in areas where i think it’s lacking. i am not a heavy app user but i do like some social media apps. I am big on Twitter and Instagram and to a lesser degree FaceBook. For the most part the native apps give me what i need and when they don’t i use the android version. Still though at times, the experience on the android side isn’t ideal. For example, android instagram allows me to enjoy viewing “stories” but for whatever reason when i record a story it is transmitted and saved all garbled. Only photos work. Same goes with Snapchat. Android Periscope can’t be installed because of the version of the runtime we have (too old). Facebook live? i won’t even bother installing Android FB as i think it will be the same result as Snapchat. I volunteer at a soccer youth club as their social media guy and certainly some of the features i can’t have/get would come in handy. As you can see there is a struggle within that is happening. I know that if i go BlackBerry Android i can get all this. I am obviously not the only one and that’s what John Chen is counting on. As the Android side gets updated frequently, we the BB10 user, will start to feel “we are missing out” and we will ultimately transition over because nothing is really happening or will happen on the BB10 side. It’s almost like a waiting game. BlackBerry is dragging their feet on the BB10 side in the hopes that BB10ers will get fed up with the lack of “anything” and jump to BlackBerry Android. If this does happen and in a large scale then BlackBerry can come back and state the the market has spoken and they will no longer support or expand on BB10. All you have to do is take a look at the likes of UTB “i will never go android” Brad. Here’s a guy who keeps telling everyone to relax about BB10 and that “it’s going nowhere” while he sports a #Priv and can’t stop talking how great an android it is. The poster boy of what BlackBerry is counting on. For me, the reality is simple. Once my Passport SE goes (and hopefully it will be a long time before it does), i will go the way of BlackBerry Android unless some shocking revelation happens on the BB10 side.

btw I googled the cast of #StrangerThings.. take a look at this:


No respect at all.. where is the actress that played Barb? Even “Will” who was snatched up in the first episode and was seen a few times here and there is listed!!!