When is One Accomplishment More Deserving Than Another?

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In mid November I will be attending a gala… turns out I am getting an award. I wasn’t planning to go but got all kinds of heat from my wife so we will attend. I’ll write about it after the gala. For now, picture this…

Scenario 1: a coach inherits an average middle of the pack team and in his first season as coach brings them to first place and the cup final where they lose a close match. That’s pretty impressive.

Scenario 2: a coach inherits a strong first place team but has its two strongest players removed. These 2 skilled players are added to the older team and this coach is told he cannot have access to them all season. In his first season as coach, the team doesn’t miss a beat, continues its winning ways, finishes first undefeated and one ups it from the previous season by winning the cup. That’s pretty impressive.

The question is which of these two coaches is deserving of an award? Coach 1? Coach 2? Both? Neither? Because youth sports is not about winning. It’s a tough call but everyone will choose coach 1. I think coach 2 is just as deserving. Coach 2 had big shoes to fill, had key players removed… almost like he was being set up to fail and yet the team showed no signs of cracking in the foundation.

The gala hasn’t happened yet so I could be wrong but my guess is coach 1 is getting an award. I can confirm that coach 2 didn’t get an award.

PS: I am not coach 1

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