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I will get this imPRESSive phone regardless of what name it ends up with. Apparently it will be released after MWC so we are looking at February /March. I won’t buy it day one but maybe around the summer time I will. Look, I have said it plenty of times. I am not a fan of Android. And It really has zero to do with security or lack of it. We are all supposed to be weary of this but let’s face it we are all way beyond this. I have a google account. I have facebook, instagram, youtube so it’s already too late to talk privacy. I don’t like android for the simple and superficial reason that I don’t like the user interface. I am a visual guy. On the hardware side, outside the samsung galaxy series, in my opinion, I don’t think there is an android phone out there that is actually good looking. You cannot say that when it comes to BlackBerry phones. I also think that the user experience is overly done. Of course, the latter is based on what I see second hand and so I guess I am just as hypocritical as someone who critiques BlackBerry without having tried it but whatever.

I have decided that I will buy the DTEK70 because it’s gorgeous looking and already with all the videos out there it’s clear it’s a well built and solid phone. I saw a tweet out in the wild that the Mercury is ‘an eye sore’. An eye sore. Holy fucking shit this person must have the worse taste on the planet. The other reason I will have to embrace #Blackdroid and purchase the PRESS is that it’s clear that there is no future for BlackBerry 10. The fact is, the writing has been on the wall for some time now. There is a BlackBerry fan site out there that, god bless them, always tries to put a positive spin on it but the fact is BB10 is going away. Even as recently as this past week Brad put out a piece as to why BB10 is not dead.. however, if u pay close attention to his writing style it has changed from a while back when he put out other ‘BB10 is not dead’ posts. You don’t have to read between the lines. He too isn’t sold on it either anymore. That confidence that used to be there isn’t so much anymore. Sure, John Chen a while ago said there were no plans for BlackBerry 10 and that only after 10.3.4 was released that he would re-evaluate things. Translation; BlackBerry 10 is going the way of the dodo bird. During CES2017, when asked TCL re-confirmed that there are no plans and apparently BlackBerry 10 was actually referred to as a legacy OS during this conference. Imagine, an OS that is four years old referred to as legacy. If that isn’t a sign that it’s EOL I don’t know what is. To boot, over the x-mas holidays I read a post from a BlackBerry fan site out of italy that rumor has it that BlackBerry will announce EOL for BlackBerry 10 at the end of May. The site did stress it’s only a rumor but rumors are just that until they are fact. I tweeted Marty Beard on it and to no surprise he didn’t reply because u know, he’s tired of answering these types of questions. Maybe Brad should invest some time and research this rumor ;). Also think about the fact that Whatsapp originally planned to end support for BlackBerry 10 in december then had a ‘change of heart’ and pushed it to June 2017.. so maybe some conversations took place between the two parties behind closed doors.. BlackBerry tells Whatsapp to throw us a bone and go until June since the plan is to EOL BlackBerry 10 at the end of May. I wouldn’t be surprised if BlackBerry already has all the social media articles/posts/tweets at the ready and scheduled for publishing May 31st as to why it was time to EOL BlackBerry 10 with all the ‘logical’ reasons it had ‘no choice’. Anyway, it is what it is. Time to assimilate and since I will never go #Apple, #BlackDroid it is.

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