CBS This Morning + John Chen Equals Amateur Minutes

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I can’t even write ‘Amateur Hour’ because the whole interview lasted a few minutes. I was so excited to hear that John Chen was going to be on CBS This Morning that I pvr’d it because I head out early in the morning for work. Anyway while at work I saw a tweet from CBS where they actually misspelled the @BlackBerry twitter handle. I certainly had to comment on it. Look, we all make typos but still pretty careless and amateurish on their part… atleast they had the decency to delete the tweet. Yes, I have that much clout ;)! This morning I sat down and watched the few minutes CBS mustered up to devote to John Chen. Wow. I thought the tweet was amateurish. That interview, if you want to call it that, was amateur 101. It’s clear that not much ‘homework’ was done. It’s clear that not too much effort was put before hand. It’s great to see especially now when journalism is being attacked by you know who, that the most important thing to know is if instagram works with this new BlackBerry. Sad.