@BlackBerry @BBMobile #KEYone: The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

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So here’s the thing I am a huge BlackBerry supporter and have been for years. I am also a huge BB10 supporter but in recent months have come to terms with the fact that I must transition to #Blackdroid because the clock is ticking for BB10 and its demise. Of course, the announcement of #KEYone got me excited and more willing to embrace the dark side. The KEYone was first teased at CES then later made official at MWC where it was announced it would be available in April. Well, yesterday @BlackBerry announced during their earnings call that the KEYone was being pushed to May release. Later in the day @BBMobile put out a ‘clear the air’ post, tweets etc with an explanation behind the delay..so now it’s like BlackBerry/BBMobile have to fact check each other in an odd way. Oh the irony!!!

There’s really nothing to clear up. This is yet another misstep. In a way you kind of expected it from BlackBerry.. over the recent years they’ve had a few… but atleast you could excuse them because they lacked resources and funds… now, TCL, this huge entity, what to make of this? This is a huge, experienced company who has been to this dance before, yes?

The explanation given by Steve Cistulli on twitter was at best a weak attempt at damage control. You were surprised by the demand? Obviously this can’t possibly be consumer demand because we haven’t had the chance to place our pre-orders yet…hello???? so I guess this would be carriers and enterprise??? Even so, it’s not like #TCL introduced the phone last week. I mean how long ago was CES?? How do u get caught ‘off guard’ like this to the point you have to delay the release? Maybe TCL should have asked BB Merah Putih for some pointers on phone launches!!! It’s very disappointing. Very. Over the years I have never really engaged a lot within BBM groups or left tons of ‘first’ type comments on @CrackBerry or other sites for that matter but yesterday i felt i had to chirp on my disappointment on Twitter. I even left a comment on CrackBerry!!! Yes, that’s how disappointed i am! Some folks are so annoyed they’re talking jumping ship to Samsung or whatever. As disappointed as I am, I am actually not that petty. Of course I will wait… but I cannot hide my disappointment. When CrackBerry Kevin has his Montreal meet-up.. he will hear it from me 🙂 not that he can doing anything about it. I am almost sure the release of the #KEYone was delayed because he hasn’t completed all the scheduled meetups 🙂 !!!

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