Was Ultimate Warrior an Ultimate Douche?

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I hate to speak ill (or write) of the dead but recently I have been watching alot of videos of former wrestlers ‘shooting’ on the ultimate warrior. What these videos confirmed was what I started to realize years ago. Jim Hellwig, the man behind the ultimate warrior, was not a nice person. It’s disappointing. I grew up watching wwe and I will never forget the first time I heard his music and watched him run down to the ring. What a character and what a physique!!! Amazing. The Ultimate Warrior very quickly became my favorite wrestler of all time.. Even topping Hulk Hogan. It didn’t even matter to me that he had limited skill.. His persona was amazing. I even had a poster of ultimate warrior in my bedroom. He, however, did come second to Samantha Fox 😀!!!

The common theme amongst the wrestlers and inside people was that Jim had incredible intensity. Especially about his character. And only about his character. Otherwise, he was very standoffish, not approachable, a hot head. He never made time for his fans. His success quickly went to his head which made him difficult to work with. He couldn’t be trusted. Genuinely not a nice person. It was also very clear that he was not tolerant of all people. That’s a terrible thing.

I used to watch his YouTube videos and wow could this guy rant. Very dramatic. Seemed like he had issues with everyone in the business. Everyone was the shit hole. Never him. As always there are two side to every story so it’s difficult to know whose side is the truth. Having said that it’s hard to believe all these people got it wrong. It’s a shame.. I guess I will just have to remember the character and not the man behind it.

It’s crazy how his last in ring speech after his induction eerily predicted his death. So creepy indeed. Anyway seems that he was able to make amends with some people and I guess that’s a good thing but in the end I don’t think it really changes who he was inside.

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