#Juventus v. #RealMadrid: was it a foul or not?

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The million dollar question. I will start off by stating that i am a Juventus supporter. Given the 3:0 result of the first match, i will also admit that i never imagined that Juventus would pull off the comeback they did yesterday. Surely, the Roma result served as inspiration/motivation but i didn’t see it happening. Especially without Dybala. But it did. What did they get for it? Nothing. It was indeed a scandalous ending. Of course, depending on which side of the fence you are on you will either say it was not a foul or it was a foul. Here’s my take on this.

Given the corruption that exists in the world of soccer, starting with FIFA, why is it so hard to think that a plan was in place to ensure Real advanced? Especially considering the stunning defeat of Barcelona v. Roma. Why is this unimaginable? Could you imagine having both Real and Barca out of Champions league? Ousted by 2 Italian teams? Never. So why not have a plan in place? I am sure just like me, no one thought Juventus would score 3 goals and leave Real at 0.. but what if?? eh? what if? It’s not too hard to tell a referee that should this situation come up, to look for an “opportunity” that ensures Real advances. That opportunity came at the 93rd minute. Trust me, had the scoreline been 1:0 or 2:0 for Juventus that late in the game that call would not have been made. Had the scoreline been a draw or Juventus down that late in the game, that call would not have been made. The call was made because of the scoreline. Plain and simple. The question isn’t whether it was a foul or not; it was. The right question is ‘would that call have been made under any other circumstances?’ the answer is no.

It’s a shame. given the performances of both teams for both games combined the correct call should have been to have these two teams head into extra time.


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