Sunday morning coffee with a little musing: My dentist has got to go!!

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Who goes to the dentist to get a cavity dealt with and ends up having to get a root canal? I DO, I DO!!! I am on my 3rd dentist since moving out to the west island. The first dentist felt too impersonal and I always felt he was pushing procedures I thought I didn’t need. The 2nd was in a mall which wasn’t as big an issue as the fact they had an open concept. Very weird having people pass on by while your mouth is wide open and being worked on. So that was short lived. This 3rd dentist should have been the charm but is far from it. When I first became his patient 3yrs ago he did a check up and detailed all the procedures I would need of which most were to redo some old fillings and some cavities I apparently had. My first procedure, 3 years ago, was to redo an old filling. This is a tooth that never gave me any pblm of any kind. To be honest, no tooth, including the ones that apparently had cavities gave me trouble. The procedure gets completed and almost immediately, that is, the day after I start feeling incredible pain… long story, short. Boom… root canal. This after enduring a week of pain and the useless application of orajel which only provided seconds of relief. How does that happen? Well fast forward 3 years and it looks like it will happen again. Last week, after 3 years, we get around to dealing with a remaining cavity. The procedure itself was a nightmare. First off he pricked me 14 times before the numbing agent actually kicked in enough for me to not feel the pain of the drill. Yes 14. I counted. Then a couple times he dropped equipment on my face. I was so fearful that one of the small pieces would land in my mouth and I would choke to death. The procedure took way too long .. I don’t think I ever in my life had a panic attack but I believe had one then. I was getting agitated over the fact that my mouth and lips were dry. The man has no bed side manner.. So rude and he should have been more understanding. Maybe he should take lessons from his assistant.

Anyway, his ‘5 more minutes’ … lies!!! All lies!!!

After the 2 hour ordeal, he hands me a prescription for anti biotics and additional paperwork and tells me that if I start to feel pain of any kind to immediately get the anti biotics and book an appt with Dr root canal and provide the additional paperwork. Hmm. What’s that all about? Deja vu is what it is.
It’s been a week and a few days since my procedure. The right side of my mouth is still sore and my tooth is showing some signs of sensitivity which I did not experience at all the 3 yrs I supposedly had a cavity. Interesting no? Seems like these two doctors have a nice business partnership going. First doctor works on your tooth gets $$$ for it but then also creates work for doctor 2 to make $$$ from it as well.
Am I pissed? Yes. The sensitivity will only get worse which means another root canal. If there is a God that won’t happen.

I think I need to start looking for a 4th dentist. Not sure if it will change things but right now the way I feel even the gorgeous assistant and receptionist combined are not enough for me to want to stay with this doctor.

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