Golden Girls A Second Go At It

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After the passing of Betty White I decided to binge watch the Golden Girls. Stating the obvious here but when u binge watch a show u catch things you wouldn’t necessarily catch watching on a week by week basis.
First off, it is clear that I didn’t hop on this train originally from the beginning… and it also appears I got off the train from time to time as some episodes are new to me.. Or I am getting old and don’t remember. And just like Three’s Company, they recycled actors to play different roles over the seasons! Jesus am I dating myself or what? 😋
My god… so so many episodes would not survive in today’s culture. Wowza!
As I did for Friends here is my list of funniest character to least.. It was a little tougher with Friends…


Oh and I think I only ranked the Friends cast in my head so here goes…
Joey/Phoebe (this was too close)

Being Italian I really appreciate how well Estelle played Sophia’s role. So good. So funny. So accurate.

Considering they have all passed, some episodes really hit the feels..when Rose worried about being the last one in the group and alone. When Sophia lamented about growing old and experiencing memory loss. Ugh. This one bothers me too.. Growing old… and memory loss. My father passed away with dementia..I already worry I am heading in that direction. I hope I am wrong. The worse feeling in the world was when my dad wouldn’t recognize me. It would kill me not being able to recognize my wife, kids and hopefully grandkids.
Ok. Well that took a sharp left turn! Anyway, the finale was very sad. A shows ending always hits me hard. And once again it felt new to me so I really don’t know how good I was about watching the golden girls when it originally aired.

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