#Blonde Ambition

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I watched #blonde on Netflix. nearly 3hrs.. Artistically beautiful and I think Ana did a phenomenal job. Her mannerisms was spot on. Having said that….ooffa … just a terrible depiction of Norma Jean.

I was not yet born when Norma died…I don’t pretend to know anything about her life other than what every other regular joe read over the years. The conspiracies. I was intrigued by what this movie would bring to the table.

This movie depicts her in such a brutal way. I came out of it just feeling utter sorrow for her even though it’s fictional.

Is Blonde based on a true story?
Aside from the fact that Blonde is about Marilyn Monroe, it isn’t really based on fact; Blonde is instead primarily based on the events that occurred in the fictional novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates(opens in new tab).

Is #blonde based on a true story?

Still my heart just goes out to Norma. Her ambition was to be loved, wanted and accepted instead she was used and abused by the very men who supposedly preferred blondes.


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