#The100 : what I think so far

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Last week my son suggested I watch #The100 on #Netflix.. the show is still on TV but as I understand it the episodes are quickly put on #Netflix once aired on TV.. anyway I had a season and a half to get through. I specifically asked Fab not to give me any insight into the show so I had no preconceived notion of what to expect. So of course like any normal human being I decided to bingewatch all the episodes available on #Netflix. I will admit that the first 5/6 episodes had me really enthralled.. I was wrapped up in them @ 100%… what started to happen after is what I guess happens to a lot of shows… I found it was becoming predictable. Reminds me of #thevampirediaries and why I stopped watching that show. I recall so many times thinking ‘wow, that’s really stupid’.. and it dawned on me that if I found it stupid, was I stupid for continuing to watch the show? So I stopped.. anyway I digress.. back to #the100.
Although predictable I guess it makes sense that the 100 would not be the only ones on earth. Jaha making his way to earth; predictable. Raven handing the knife to Clarke to take out the commander and instead Clarke does in Finn; predictable. Speaking of the commander.. who really buys into Alycia as a commander?? Seriously. Let’s not make it a man v woman thing because that’s not what it is.. but she’s petite and has the face of an angel.. maybe if the grounders had a football team and needed a head cheerleader, sure but a commander, no. Clarke and Bellamy you smell it coming miles away; predictable. The fact that the #mountainmen are really creepers; predictable. Anyway let’s leave it at that.. the fact is that I am caught up in the show right now and if I gave #thevampirediaries all those years I should do the same for #the100.
What I am hoping future episodes will answer is questions like:
1) how did the grounders/reapers, mountain men, etc get to survive on earth? There was a nuclear war and for 97 years the earth was apparently uninhabitable.. so how did they survive?
2) the arc looks like an amazing technological ship.. how is it that they weren’t able to send down a drone of any kind to scope out earth a lot sooner?
3) how come this mountain society has access to laptops?? How? Do they work solely on wifi? Is google still the search engine of choice ;)? Does #skynet exist in this universe :)?
4) I’d like to see Henry Ian’s character Marcus stabilize as either an asshole or a saint. This back and forth guessing game of who he is, is really more annoying then anything else. Inside one episode he goes from one end to another more times then is normal.

Looking forward to the next episode.