It isn’t coming home after all…

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Without a doubt I take pure satisfaction that England not only will not be bringing it home, they failed to also bring home 3rd place. All tournament long I have been tweeting that they have really not shown anything. You can read my previous post but at the end of the day what I wrote proved to be correct. They were in an easy group and then landed in an easy bracket but yet failed to take advantage of that. Their only tough opponent was 🇧🇪 and they promptly lost to them 2x; the latest being today for 3rd place. As a matter of fact today they should have been massacred. The early and many chances squandered by 🇧🇪 was staggering. After putting out some FACTS after the Sweden game on twitter some rando whose handle is ‘blessed’ felt the need to name call and ask me where Italy is. What a brilliant comeback. Don’t bother tweeting me back and challenging what I wrote and tell me why I am wrong. Instead tweet the goddamn obvious. Yes, Italy is not there but that does not mean I am not entitled to an opinion and it doesn’t take away the fact that what I wrote was reality.

FACT: 🇮🇹 did not qualify

FACT: England did

FACT: 🇮🇹 did not win the world cup this year

FACT: England didn’t either.

FACT: the end result is the same. Neither will bring it home.

The majority of England’s goals were set pieces. Kane had 6 goals, 3 of which were penalty kicks and one went off his heal when he was not even paying attention. Yet he’ll win the golden ball. Against Sweden he had one chance and sailed it left. Against 🇭🇷 he had one chance and couldn’t score. In the 3rd place match against 🇧🇪 he had one chance and couldn’t score. See the pattern? They mastered set pieces but forgot that they also have be able to finish during play as well.

So back to this ‘blessed’ rando on twitter. July 11th was the best day ever. And I decided to let him know that.

Yes I will admit that I revelled in the moment. I couldn’t help myself. BTW that’s the joker slow clapping. And my comment that he knows my cousin is in reply to his Joey from friends meme he sent me. Four days later and he has no rebuttal. I wonder why. He can dish it but can’t take it. I am sure I won’t hear back from him. I also took the opportunity to stalk his twitter feed. Somehow I am not surprised at what I saw.