Hungry for Hunger Games?

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Pretty cheesy and I am sure over used title?! Lol… Alright so I decided to get ‘caught up’ in this new frenzy…. U see, I never did the ‘Harry Potter’ thing, nor the ‘Twilight’ thing… Say whattttttt? Lol…But decided why not get caught up in one before I die! Lol… Ok, that was a little dire! :)…I figured though that if I was gonna do this, I had to do it the right way; read the book first. Took me less than a week to do that and yesterday went to watch the movie with my son, Fabrizio. It’s always interesting to see how a book gets adapted to the big screen. All in all, it was a good movie but in this case the book was better. It’s obviously difficult to make a move under 3hrs and get in a lot of detail… So the film did seem rushed… Moved along pretty quickly… Skipped details with subtle differences from the book. In the movie, u miss out on what Katniss was thinking before she did what she did. However, all in all it was a good movie. Worth the watch. I definitely will continue this pattern of reading the books before watching the 2nd and 3rd movies.

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