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Rants Are All the Rage These Days

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I follow this local fitness/model ‘celebrity’ on social media. To be honest I don’t know if she really is a celebrity. Hence the word in quotes. I had seen her a few times at the gym I used to go to and then by chance saw a video for another gym I used to go to she was featured in. She posts fairly frequently videos on her youtube and FB. The other day she posted a rant about the two young ladies from Quebec that recently got arrested in Australia for drug possession. She ranted about the fact that people shouldn’t be quick to judge these two girls. That people who are quick to judge need to find something else to do with their lives. Essentially people can’t pass judgment because we don’t know the whole story and the circumstances. Of course she had to add the bit ‘how would you feel if this was your family member?’

Anyway, the world will judge. That’s life. People will have opinions. Everyone is entitled to that. Here’s the thing. I wish I could make sense of her rant and agree with it. These two young women (in their 20s) got caught with a huge amount of cocaine. Huge. This was not a case where it was a small amount that someone could have feasibility stashed in their luggage without their knowledge. One of these girl’s Instagram feed had her travelling all over the world. I mean, sure, it’s possible that even at this young age she could afford to… but based on what has transpired it looks clear now how she was able to. These two women were not set up. They are part of the problem. They traffic drugs. They deserve what they get. It’s not passing judgment. It’s how it should be. Sorry, not sorry. These are two young lives that will waste away in prison because they chose the path they did. I will be completely surprised if it does turn out that they was framed but I doubt it.
Most of the comments to the video rant were expressing disagreement with her… some agreed.. mostly men… I wonder why… Anyway of course with those that disagreed, she agreed to disagree. She has that right.