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by some crazy chance i stumbled across this comedian.. and actually that was before i subscribed to a facebook page called “Hardcore Italians”.. my god, this guy is funny.. I have watched this one particular video several times and it just cracks me up every single time!



Today was a day for tradition…

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Today at the break of dawn (any time before 9am on a saturday is the break of dawn for me)…I headed out to my mom’s to help with making homemade sausage. I had suggested that we begin this process at 9am… But noooo… Had to get there early… Gawd… Mothers… Anyway I get there as promised for 730am and I see that my godmother is there as well and they had just begun! What the hellz!!! When exactly did they get started? There is some prep time involved.. It turns out that my mom did all the leg work last night. How sweet. Always looking out for her kids ;). My job is simple.. I handle shoving the meat into the machine and turning. I have been doing this for years and I am a pro at it. We were done in no time.. I had my son, Fabrizio, help as well.. Father, son bonding time… Unfortunately my daughter, Dahlia, had an early morning soccer practice and could not be there from the beginning…the plan was that she’d come right after practice and help us finish off. That was the plan.. It didn’t work out because we had such a well oiled machine going that we finished at 9am… 30 minutes before Dahlia got there. Needless to say she was not a happy camper when she got there. I did feel bad because I wanted her to experience this too.. This is one tradition I want to keep alive… The parents are getting older and its time to take over.. Next year, my place, my time ;)… And Dahlia will be involved as well.

freshly fried

freshly fried

the 'after'

the ‘after’

the 'before'

the ‘before’

the machine

the machine

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