A Happy Father’s Day Indeed

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My plan this morning was to write a post about ‘Entitlement’… due in part to a recent event that sparked some memories. However, this morning I woke up to ‘Happy Father’s Day’ wishes from the family and a wonderful card from my daughter. The post on ‘Entitlement’ will have to wait for another day.. In an interesting twist it actually will tie in to what my daughter wrote in the card to me.. I won’t post what she wrote in its entirety as she’d probably get upset ;)… but here’s the portion that will tie in to my ‘Entitlement’ post…

You don’t have to be a hero to everyone but only to those that matter. My kids. I have two wonderful kids.. a handsome intelligent young man who is hitting college next year and a beautiful flower of a daughter who is smart and sensitive as can be…

12 Compliments Guys Secretly Love to Hear

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Secretly. really?  It’s no secret..thank you very much. I just wasted a few minutes of my life… talk about the obvious!!!