When a charity event becomes a competition…

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Wow. Two for one special today.. Another post… this one was supposed to happen last weekend. In mid may our company announced that we would donate to a ‘feeding America’ ‘feeding Canada’ charity. It would be by putting up miles. Our objective Is 5000 miles between the two locations; USA + Canada. Initially I wasn’t planning to participate but a week in a colleague asked why I wasn’t and that I should. He was right. My wife and I already walk every night why not put those miles to good use. At that point another colleague of mine was well in first place of our team Canada group. Then I happened 😂… within a few days I leap frogged him into first and ever since then we’re in a heated competition. Initially I was only putting in walking miles but then he took up biking to and from work so I added biking on weekends only. He then took some time off and momentarily leaped ahead of me as he racked up insane biking miles. So I upped the anty and started to bike mornings (when I feel like) for 30mins as well. It gives me a good 4 miles. I am not going to bike to and from work. I also now bike multiple times a day during the weekend and continue to do my nightly walks with my wife. Over a week or so ago it was opened up to family members as well. We definitely need help making the objective. My wife in short order put herself already in 3rd spot! 👍

That’s me in both screen grabs sitting in 1st (the first image is as of today).. Yes, I am having fun changing up my name. Will do It a couple more times before the end. This event will run until the end of August and to be honest although I will not let a younger colleague beat me I can’t wait for this charity thing to end!! Lol.