#Portugal To Win #EURO2016?

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I think it will happen. On the Saturday Italy was to play Germany I found myself having a conversation about the Euro tournament with some of the Lakeshore PLSQ players prior to our scheduled match…The day i now refer to as “Dark Saturday”.. One player commented that he felt that everything was lining up for Portugal to win it all. He may be right.

I read a tweet yesterday that mentioned that in 1982 Italy won the World Cup after having tied all three of their group stage matches..I don’t necessarily believe there was a comparison being made but i don’t know that you can actually make one. For one, can you really make a comparison to something that happened way back in 1982 ;)? Secondly, the 3 draws for Italy were enough to get them out of the group stage. The same cannot be said for Portugal had the format not changed. Also, in 1982 Italy got better each game after the group stage. I don’t think you can say the same for Portugal …except for one person. Ronaldo. He’s gotten better and for a player of his caliber you knew it was just a matter of time. That’s why you can’t have a team that has CR7 linger in a tournament because you know at one point it will come back to haunt you. He’s just that good. I am a fan of Ronaldo and while he did struggle in the group stage and people shat on him on twitter, i defended him… Not that i have much clout! lol

In one of my earlier posts.. a post i wrote shortly after Italy was eliminated by Germany.. i wrote that i wasn’t sure who to root for but it certainly wouldn’t be Portugal. At the time, the emotions were still high and the anger over Italy being eliminated still present but now that time has healed my wounds (somewhat) i will change my tune and will root for Ronaldo. He deserves it.

Gold Medal for the FU10AA team…

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The FU10 girls team won the gold medal vs Delta Laval in great fashion at the Lac st Louis Winterfest indoor tournament. A big 3-0 win. Very strong play by both teams… But in the end lakeshore was the victor. Dahlia played an excellent game… And assisted on the last goal. Great lead pass to the mid fielder who sent the forward off for goal! :). We r proud!