Niagara Falls/Toronto 16 yrs later

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The last time we were in Niagara Falls my son was 2yrs old and my daughter was baking in the oven. My son is 18 yrs old now. So ya, it’s been a while. I have a cousin here from 🇮🇹 and we figured take him to experience what the falls are all about. At the same time we got to rediscover it ourselves too. We stayed in downtown Toronto and trekked out to Niagara Falls for the day. We were lucky enough to land a gorgeous day. My cousin was in total awe of the falls. It certainly is an amazing experience. Even if the boat ride is somewhat short. As you can also see from the first photo actress Maura Tierney was on boat ride with us. I didn’t have the guts to ask for a photo so I creeped on her instead! Lol. Later on that day she was right in front of me while we listened/watched an Elvis impersonator. Again, opportunity lost.

As for Toronto? Wow. It definitely gives New York city type vibes. In a smaller scale but still. Especially the downtown area. The first night there we had dinner at Fring’s. From my understanding Drake is part owner. However, the more we walked around Toronto the more it seems like Drake owns all of it 😀! Anyway, the food was fantastic but the portion size was on the ‘where’s the beef?’ side.

(You need to be old enough to get this reference)

we also got a chance to go to the CN Tower. It was late at night though. A pity we didn’t get to experience it during the day. I’m such a chicken shit though so maybe it was a good thing it was at night.

I’m hoping that it won’t be another 16 years before we go back 😋… the next time though I will look to either train it or bus it.