Last Christmas

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Boy, the tail end of 2016 has been a doozy. I can certainly understand why there is a movement in progress to protect Betty White! Losing a loved one no matter what time of year is never easy but more so during a time of festivity and for those that believe, birth. As it seems to be the case every year we have lost some icons once again this year. On Christmas day while getting ready to head to my sisters for a family get together, my son breaks the news to me that George Michael died. I was in the car and it immediately didn’t register what he said. My reaction was ‘what are you talking about?’.
I can’t believe George is dead. It’s so mind numbing. I’m from that 80s generation… loved and lived that music. Duran Duran, Culture Club, Thompson Twins, Eurythmics, Spandau Ballet and on and on… and of course WHAM!. That was my time. That was an awesome time for music.
I remember when George went off on his own solo career I so wanted to be like him. How cool was this guy? He oozed machismo and that beard/stubble.. christ almighty sheer perfection. And of course, those aviator shades. Add to all that, that his music was just awesome. So jealous! ;). Such an artist.
Of course, over the years as artists move away from the public eye you end up losing touch with them. You know the old out of sight, out of mind. That all changed Xmas day. All the memories came flooding back. The 20/20 special was also a great recap of his life. Both good and the less good. The special gave me a chance to know him a little more. It’s so hard to explain but while watching the special I was feeling all sorts of emotions. I felt a bit of everything; happiness, sadness, anger, depression.. I couldn’t help but wish I could turn back time and go back to the eighties.
It’s so weird. It’s not like we know these artists personally but somehow in a way we each can relate to them in our own way that does make it personal. Needless to say, his CD ‘Faith’ is front and center right now.
It’s crazy to think that he was only six years older than me. Depressing.