playbook review part II

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alrighty, here is the continuation of my modest review of the playbook…. written on my playbook :).
there is no question that the upgrade to 2.0 was the best thing for the playbook. I really don’t care about all the ‘too little too late’ posts out there. it isn’t too little too late. this is what I believe to be the beginning of something bigger. the fact that they are getting their bb10 phones headed in this direction is an important step. there are way too many short sighted ‘know it alls’ out there…a lot of these haters, will most likely take credit if/when rim turns things around. I am almost sure of this.
the native apps were a fantastic addition…there have been way too many reviews already done on these apps so it is really pointless for me to just repeat everything. all I will say is that the calendar is awesome to work with… and the integrated email… just awesome sauce! awesome.
the app world redesign – excellent.
the video and camera… nothing new to 2.0 but I thought worth mentioning as very good. the HD quality is amazing… there are times when indoor pictures don’t turn out the greatest but it is just a small annoyance if anything. as mentioned in my previous post, video watching is great… especially in HD. I find it very convenient when I don’t want to hook up the playbook to my TV via hdmi, to use the case and I prop the playbook on my chest while I watch a movie. ahhh yes I can be lazy :). the only disappointment when it comes to video… the lack of a video store. for the time being we canadians need to be second fiddle to the US… and must wait for RIM to open up the store to us.

the android player – I have downloaded a few android ported apps and for the most part the performance has been good. there are times when the player acts up and I have one of two options to clear things up… close the player and wait a while for the OS to take care of business or worse case scenario I need to reboot the playbook. hopefully the next upgrade will address this issue. so as u can see my review is not all good ;)!

a read a couple of reviews that the browser shuts down unexpectedly. it has happened to me a couple of times but not significantly to complain about it… there are some reviewers out there that try to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I was able to write up this post in no time flat. honestly I whipped it up quite fast and why? very easy answer. the form factor! yes, I have gone full circle and decided to end off my review by going back to what I started with. there is no way u could do this easily with an ipad or galaxy or any other tablet larger then the playbook. enough said.