My thoughts on the blackberry OS 10.2.1 update

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Disclaimer : I always have to start with this as it’s important to note that I am in fact a blackberry fanboy… but I can be objective. yes. I. can.

The upgrade time took a little less than 1hr… including OTA downloading which made up only a fraction of the time.

Let’s start with what I like the most… i’ve always been a fan of the hub… having and being able to reply to everything from one place is amazing.. Now they’ve gone ahead and made it better with a new pinch ‘filter’ criteria feature. I have it set so that when I pinch… all my unread messages are grouped together so I can deal with them one at a time, one after the other. I’m also finding I don’t tend to quickly to go thru my emails now.. which is a good thing, I think.
Being able to organize my hub items in the order I want is always a big plus. Again, customization is key.
The introduction of an FM radio that doesn’t use up data… super!!! I am plugged in at work all the time now. It helps me avoid having to listen to my co-worker who at every opportunity likes to call out my name in this very annoying way.
I love the fact that the media volume display now is at the top of the screen instead of smack in the middle.
The new incoming call screen is a great change too… yup, it will be compared to android and so be it but it is much better.. I love that while the screen is up u can choose to send an sms/bbm message to caller if u can’t talk. And yes, it knows, somehow what option to offer if at all.. obviously if u are getting a call from a land line no option will be there.
The new customizable drop down menu is awesome.. I set it to have my most used ‘go to’ items
I am loving the device monitor… always good to know what app is soaking up memory or battery life among other things.
Getting to open a message from the lock screen preview is super!
The ability to create sms and email groups.. fantastic !
The picture password… selecting a picture and then a number strategically placed someone on the picture only u know, is a great feature.. admittedly I am not one to password lock my phone but my teenage son is and he’s loving this feature.
Last but not least being able to install android apps straight via the device is awesome. And just like that blackberry eliminated the so called app gap.. app gap? What app gap? 🙂 As great as this is for blackberry in general.. as I am sure this makes tons of people happy, for me there aren’t many apps I am interested in. I installed netflix, Tumblr and eventually will install yahoo fantasy football.

After having spent a few weeks with the new OS.. the only thing I am not happy with is that in the calendar app they removed the ‘go to today’ icon which I used extensively. It’s there in the menu though…
Oh well, u can’t win them all! Lol