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(originally written in Feb… just forgot to post… it’s still relevant. I would hate to have taken the time to write this and no-one gets to read it!!!! Noone will. Lol)
I recently read that scooter whatever his name is.. Mr manager to Bieber, scolded via twitter, people who are passing judgment on bieber’s parents… I don’t know about this Mr manager… is it passing judgment ? Parents have a responsibility towards their kids and yes, there is only so much that as parents we can do. At some point u need to let them learn and grow thru their experiences… good or bad… There is also the fact that no matter how well you teach your kids, through life, they will meet and spend a lot of time outside the home with other people who will have an influence on them. Justin is no different… except for the fact he has a shit load of money that most 19 year olds don’t have… clearly there are ‘friends’ that are there to take advantage… clearly he is surrounded by enablers… and so with that… his parents shouldn’t be part of that group. They need to be parents… this nonsense coming from the mom ‘to pray for Justin’… and the dumbass of his dad who tweets stupidity like ‘Proud’. Pray for what? Prayer alone won’t help this kid. It’s time to step in. Be a parent. Proud of what Mr. Dad Bieber? Exactly what are you proud of?
Here’s what I suggest..

Mom: be a mother to Justin… I won’t pretend to admit to have read your book but as I recall u grew up with hardship and challenges and dark times.. you struggled with drug abuse, yes? so it goes to reason that you know what your son is going through? You needed help, didn’t you? Do you think your son needs help? Step in, mom.

Dad: the outside world may not have all the facts but regardless.. stop with the stupid tweets and start being a dad.. are u by chance living vicariously through your son? Looks like you are a young man yourself… but grow up buddy.. Justin is the kid in this relationship and he needs a father who actually is a father figure to him. stop being an enabler and teach your son that there are still boundaries regardless of how much money he makes and who he thinks he is.

As I was writing up this post I happened to take a break and listen to a video with Candace Cameron Bure… justin’s parents should have a listen at what Candace has to say.. maybe they can learn something.

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