Here’s my problem with Joanna’s Passport Review

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First things first.. there’s no room for numbnuts who attack someone because the review of a phone isn’t to their liking. I have no tolerance for that. I think there is room for everyone to enjoy and promote whatever ecosystem, OS, phone that is out there. I also don’t think that @JoannaStern should be putting us all in the same bucket. Now having written that, I did the unthinkable and went ahead and viewed @JoannaStern review of the #passport again. I wanted to be sure it was fresh in my mind.
I can imagine @JoannaStern gets a shitload of money to do her job.. the thing is that her review seems very amateurish. It’s clear that there isn’t much effort put behind the review and more importantly getting to know the phone. It’s also very clear that her mind set is already set.. if u know what I mean. I am not going to go on any rant.. as I believe rants are for people who are insecure and hiding something. I will point out a few things that will showcase weakness in @JoannaStern review. The fact that she is trying to work the #passport with one hand tells you already that she’s not clued in. For one, anyone who purchases a phone with a physical keyboard intends to use both hands to type. No question. I should know because I am that person. I have a #Q10 and have never, ever tried to work the phone with one hand. Secondly, the #passport is a friggin BIG phone. Weak @JoannaStern, pretty weak. I have even read/seen reviews of the #iphone6plus from #fanboys (which is rectangular btw) where the reviewer points out that it’s difficult to work it with one hand. Atleast, it’s not comfortable or ideal. Oh, and it bends too. Now, speaking of the shape… it’s square.. get over it!!!! stop dwelling on the American cheese sized shape. #Blackberry broke the mold! They meant to do this. To be different. They succeeded.
You write that you used to write 60 words/minute on a curve and now only 45… really? Were you spitting out 60 words/minute on the curve day one? Again, fairly weak. Give it time. Maybe you need more than 3 weeks.. were you on the #passport exclusively during those 3 weeks?
Lastly and more annoyingly.. the ‘stop living in the past, it’s not 2005 anymore’. SAY WHAT? The design, functionality along with the keyboard amazing touch sensitive feature to name a few makes it ‘living in the past’? Really? Oh wait,no it’s the lack of #instagram , right? WRONG! Had you spent some time u’d realize instagram is available not only as an android port but also natively with @igrann. So the native maps doesn’t do it for you? No other alternative ? Hmm.
Anyway I will leave it at this. At the end of the day the biggest issue that #blackberry continues to have is folk like @JoannaStern. Folk who, yes i’ll write it… who follow (sheepishly) rather than be open minded.

Oh, one last thing.. referring to the OS as difficult is absurd.. anyone using that as a reason not to give the phone a chance has bigger issues… granted @JoannaStern does say that once the gestures are mastered it becomes speedy.
Disclaimer: I admit that my post here is based mostly on the video. I don’t like my time being wasted and the fact I gave it a second go around says something… so I had no intention of reading thru the written article that accompanied the video.

And u know what really grinds my gears.. some of us would die to get our hands on a phone like the #passport and to see u slap cheese on the screen the way u did.. holy crap. Shame on you!

I’m afraid it IS you @JoannaStern