Here’s my problem with carrier support for the Passport

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I almost feel like I have to start all my posts with ‘Here’s my problem…’ when it comes to #blackberry. I am more than a little irked with this lack of #blackberry support not only from carriers in general but Canadian ones to boot..what exactly was this @Telus exclusivity for? I am not with #telus but I happened to be at a mall and decided to go in to check the #passport out in action. Hmm, surprise, surprise.. all they have is the dummy unit. Really? Of course every flavor of the #iphone and #android all working units. I was so ticked off I left that mall and hit up another one just to see if I would get the same out of the @telus there. Exactly the same set up. What kind of support is this toward the #blackberry brand? And to make matters worse (and I could slap myself silly for not taking a picture) they surround the dummy #passport unit with older units that are not even #blackberry. They look like phones that came out circa 2009.. seriously. It’s really disgusting and shameful that this continues to happen. Honestly @blackberry needs to put their foot down and get someone out there and push these carriers to play fair.
I’ll end this post on a good note. The #passport… are you kidding me? it is even more gorgeous live šŸ˜‰ and in person.. I am not a big fella and it felt fantastic in my hands.. I even tried to see how working it with one hand would be and I think it isn’t bad at all… I can’t state it enough though.. the phone is gorgeous. It truly boggles my mind when I hear or read that the #passport is ugly. Too bad I couldn’t get to work it. I am so looking forward to 10.3.1 that I really wanted to be able to use the #passport a little.

I was holding off for the #classic… i’m not so sure now anymore. Problem is, if u blink u miss out on ordering a #passport because it goes out of stock so damn quickly ! Lol