Here’s my problem with some fanboy mindset

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Twitter spats/feuds intrigue me.. one is happening this morning.. and I read and read and it captivates me. Fanboying is a great thing… and some times it isn’t. it is a great thing to be able to fanboy about just about anything.. this mornings intriguing 140 character conversation involves 2 platforms.. 2 fruits. When we are passionate about something.. sometimes our judgment gets clouded and I think that’s completely normal. You want to be as fair as possible but at times that doesn’t happen. I love @blackberry I won’t deny it but I will admit that I read and peruse a site that devotes its content to the other fruit.
For me it’s simple… it’s fantastic to be passionate … but defend with honor and with intelligence and if/when you must be critical of whatever you fanboy about, do it. That’s my issue with one particular group. I don’t want to name names but those that fanboy over, let’s refer to it as ‘apple’ reflect exactly what that company is all about. Let’s call a spade a spade.. recently this company has had missteps.. and not small ones. Every time an issue came up I went over to this site to see how they’d address it. I even watched videos. With this group of fanboys u have denial, pointing of fingers and childlike arguments over why such and such happened etc. The biggest thing as displayed this morning by the big editor in chief of iLess is the arrogance.. it’s hard to have a 140 character conversation but rather then try to engage like adults.. it’s about attacking people who ‘are bitter’.. and ‘being sad for them’. This arrogance where does it come from? The mother ship no less. It’s not about thinking of the consumer.. it’s about telling the consumer what they want. And when shit happens blame someone or something else.. and when they borrow ideas from others call it innovation don’t give credit where credit is due. Arrogance.